Referral Marketing (& Networking Etiquette) - Progressive Marketing Techniques for the small business owner - 12 weeks

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  • Course Code: BC920
  • Duration: 12 weeks x 2.5 hours
  • Price: £420.00
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  • Times: 10:00-12:30
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Blackburn College in conjunction with Carmen Parkinson of The Business Clinic are pleased to announce the release of our new suite of Progressive Marketing Techniques for the Small Business Owner (Referral Marketing & Networking Etiquette) courses.

The proven programme designed to increase your referral results, save you time and create a written referral marketing plan to use within your business day to day to help achieve a steady stream of recommendations.  Delivered over 12 weeks, the programme provides knowledge and immersion in the topic.  A classroom environment provides focus and quiet time to prepare and the weekly format provides time between the classes to implement the strategies creating results during the programme.


About the tutor:

Carmen Parkinson comes to Blackburn College with the success of 14 years in the recruitment industry including setting up her own agency.  Carmen runs the Manchester & North West area for the Referral Institute and attributes 75% of her business in her previous company to networking and referrals.   She is a graduate of the Certified Networker Programme and has previously worked within the financial services and retail sectors, she is also Assistant Director of BNI.

Carmen truly believes that treating people how they want to be treated thereby building relationships that last can only equal success in business…..although hard graft has played its part - she won the Kings Award for English for her literary efforts at age 15 and was one of the youngest General Managers with DIY retail giant B&Q at age 21 in their first flagship warehouse store in Crewe.

During her 11 years within the financial services sector she received seven consecutive awards for being the top performer nationally.  More recently Carmen was a self-employment business advisor and 75% of her clients are still in business 8 years later!

What will I study?

PART I:  Your marketing communication strategy


Module 1:           Finding Your Starting Point
Develop a clear idea of what you do, how you do it, for whom you do it and the reasons customers would choose you or your business over a competitor.  Define an emotionally charged message that will generate the marketing platform for your business.  Clarify your message and allow referral partners to help you with increased results.

Module 2:           Identifying your networks and using the VCP Process™
Obtain consistent word of mouth with support of key relationships.  Identify people you already know and find the right new people to strengthen and develop your network.  Learn the three phases of a relationship enabling others to generate referrals for your business.

Module 3:           The 10 Commandments of a networking mixer
Learn how to network more effectively at a business mixer and incorporate your emotionally based marketing theme to start a conversation, not end it.

Module 4:           Making introductions that last
Learn how to make introductions that make a lasting impression on a group of people by incorporating your emotional based marketing theme.  Learn brief introductions, create and use a memory hook and key success factors to get you remembered. 

Module 5:           Creating and delivering an effective presentation
Create and deliver effective 8-10 minute presentations by incorporating your emotional based marketing theme and presenting a strong call to action.  Learn tips to deliver with style and confidence.

Module 6:           Tools and techniques for enhancing your business image
Learn how to enhance your business image using key marketing and public relations tools.  Create an identity by providing the media with newsworthy articles and news releases and ways to interact with the public in other ways.  Learn to develop marketing materials that will aid you to make a positive impression on your target market.


PART II:  Identifying relationships and the relationship development process: Driving your network through the VCP Process™


Module 7:           Contact spheres, hub firms, mining a vein, 7 different types of organisations
Understand and utilise the concept of a hub firm to focus your referral results.  Learn how to mine a VEIN for referrals and learn how to expand your network.  Learn about the seven types of networking groups and how to evaluate them as potential sources of referrals.  Save time and money in your networking activities.

Module 8:           The GAINS profile and 15 ways to promote
Obtain consistent word of mouth by developing relationships with other people.  Learn key strategies to develop your relationships.


Module 9:           18 tactics to motivate your referral partners
Learn many proven tactics to employ to develop relationships and develop business with them.  Create real strategy to save time and increase results moving relationships from V to C and then C to Profit.

Module 10:         Training your referral partners
Develop relationships you have identified as strong referral partners.  Learn a proven five phase system to build and activate a referral network and put yourself in a position to strengthen your profitable relationships and move credible relationships into profit.

Module 11:         Evaluating your effectiveness – “it’s all my fault”
Understand the impact of the different types of referrals and learn ways to build relationships to improve the quality of the referrals your partners are giving.  Develop a system for tracking referral partner and source activities and the quality of the referrals that result from those relationships.  Adopt a method of accountability that will enhance your use of the systems and lead to greater success.

Module 12:         Achieving a steady stream of recommendations
Learn how to effectively ask for referrals and how to create incentives for showing their appreciation to referral partners and sources.  Learn about incentive programmes and how these can impact positively on your referral partners and sources.  




Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course, anyone with an interest in building their business network is welcome.

How will I be assessed?
What can I do next?

You may wish to consider our CIM Certificate in Marketing qualification

For more information

For more information about this course, contact our specialist team on 01254 29 25 00 or email

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