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Course Details
Course Code: CM110
Validated By: NONE
Course Duration 3 Weeks X 3 Hours
Course Type: Short/Part Time
Days: Wed
Times: 18:00-21:00
UK Price £75

If you want to learn how to bake varied cakes and sweets then this course will be the right course for you.


What Will I Study

This course will include a selection of the following choux, sweet and biscuits. You will be instructed in the pitfalls of what can so easily go wrong and how to identify it.

Products included:

  • Savoury quiche & vegetarian pasties
  • Custard tart
  • Choux pastry, choux buns, profiteroles and chocolate sauce
  • Slice lines millionaire shortbread, flap jack, tiffin slice, coco munch slice, parkin slice

Entry Requirements

There are no entry criteria other than a keen interest in this subject.

How Will I be Assessed


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