University Centre courses starting now

Whether you are looking to change your career, return to education or improve your job prospects, the University Centre at Blackburn College can support you to achieve your goals.

Why not take the first step with a Higher Education course right now? Our range of courses are accessible, affordable and available now.

Courses available in to start right away include:

Access to Higher Education Diploma

Higher National Certificates and Diplomas - part time study available

Foundation Degrees

Degrees and Degrees with Foundation Entry

Professional courses

AAT - Accounting and Book Keeping

AMSPAR - Medical

CIM - Marketing

CIPD - Human Resource Management

CIPS - Procurement and Purchasing

ILM - Management

Courses for International students

We also have a selection of courses available to start right now for International students:

You can apply for any of these courses for International students through our International Student application form


Going to University is not as expensive as you think. You will have to pay nothing upfront if you take a Tuition Fee loan – and there are a range of government loans and grants to pay for your studies as well as to support you with things like accommodation and living expenses while you study.

Tuition Fees for Full-Time Students - Enrol now - pay 2016 fees!

We charge £7,500 a year for full-time undergraduate courses. That’s still £1,500 a year less than many other institutions – a £4,500 saving over the course of a standard three year Honours degree.Foundation Entry degrees will be charged at £3,900 before the fee reverts to being the same as three year Honours degrees in the subsequent years of the course. If you enrol in January 2017 you will pay 2016 fees!

Advanced Learner Loans

If you are aged 24+ or you already have a Level 3 qualification (eg. A-Levels) you can study an Access to Higher Education Diploma for FREE. Simply take out an Advanced Learner Loan and the Loan will be written off once you complete an eligible University course. Terms and conditions apply.

Tuition Fee Loan

This covers the full cost of your fees for every year of study and you only start to pay it back when you earn £21,000 a year which will be deducted directly from your salary. As your earnings increase, your payments will also increase – see below table.

£20,000 A YEAR £1,390.60 a month £0
£21,500 A YEAR £1,443.27 a month £4
£25,000 A YEAR £1,643.96 a month £30
£30,000 A YEAR £1889.77 a month £67.50
Fees for Part-Time Students

We charge £550 a module for part-time undergraduate modules with a value of 15 credits. Modules with a credit value other than 15 credits will be charged on a pro-rata basis. It is cheaper to undertake a course part-time rather than full-time but you will not have access to Maintenance Loans and it will take you longer to complete your qualification.

Maintenance Loan

This is to cover living costs and you can loan up to £6,904 for every year of study. All full-time, undergraduate students can apply for this loan and you will only start to pay it back when you earn over £21,000 a year. The repayments will be deducted direct from your salary. See the table above for the levels of repayments required.

Additional Grants

These are available for students on low incomes with adult or child dependents including: Childcare Grant – you could get up to £155 per week for one child and £266 per week if you have two or more children. Parents Learning Allowance – you could get up to £1,573 a year. Adult Dependants’ Grant – you could get up to £2,757 a year.

We would advise you to speak with our friendly and professional Student Finance team so that you can maximise the support you receive. Call them on 01254 292839 for a chat or to make an appointment, email or complete our online contact form and an adviser will be in touch with you at a time that's convenient.