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Thursday 16th October at King George’s Hall

Graduation1.jpgCongratulations! Your hard work is almost over and you’ll soon be graduating and celebrating your success. Graduation ceremonies this year will take place on Thursday 16th October at King George’s Hall and around various parts of campus. All the information you need about graduation can be found on these pages.

On the day there will be 3 ceremonies, 11am; 2pm and 5pm. Which ceremony you attend will depend on which course you have completed. Please note that the time of the ceremony is the official start time, there will be other deadlines during the day e.g. for registering and getting your gown (see below for times), so please make sure you allow adequate time for these. Late registration may result in you not being permitted to attend the ceremony. Late attendance (by both graduands and guests) on the day will result in you not being permitted entry to the ceremony.


Order of Ceremonies

You will need to refer to this information several times before the event, so make sure you bookmark this page in order to enable easy access to all the information you will need. Should you have any questions that cannot be answered by these web pages please feel free to contact the Graduation Team on or 01254 292521.

The student protocol contains all the information you need for the day. Download Student Protocol

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