Student Partnership Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to define the relationship between the University Centre at Blackburn College and our higher education students which encompasses participation in the life and community of the University Centre. This is based on a shared partnership which supports enhancements to your student experience. This partnership reflects a mutual and mature relationship between staff and students based on openness, trust and respect. 

There are two parts to this agreement, one relating to student engagement and one relating to the Students’ Union.

Our Mission is:

Transforming lives through outstanding education, training and support.

Supported by a vision:

Aspiring, innovating and achieving together.

Our Values:

  • Equality – we promote equality and diversity excellence – we strive for excellence and realise the potential of our students
  • Empower – we empower our students to change their lives through education and training
  • Commitment – we are committed to our students’ education, training and support
  • Respect – we treat everyone equally and with respect.


The University Centre has a clear and focused ambition which is based around the four College themes:

  • Theme 1 - Students

Ambition Statement One - Deliver outstanding teaching, learning, assessment and support to our students, enabling them to progress positively to further study or employment.

  • Theme 2 - Staff

Ambition Statement Two - Provide a supportive and developmental environment for staff, underpinned by effective communication and consultation.

  • Theme 3 - Resources

Ambition Statement Three - Ensure financial stability and the effective use of resources in order to invest in our students and our staff.

  • Theme 4 - Partnerships

Ambition Statement Four - Work in partnership with others for the benefit of Blackburn College, Blackburn with Darwen, Lancashire and beyond.

Part 1: Student Engagement

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Our aim is to enhance our academic community enabling student development and participation in all aspects of the student experience, specifically in scholarship, the development of employability skills and the student voice.

All students are supported to engage with the University experience through a supportive and dedicated team, embedding highly effective tutorial and academic support.

We have high expectations of students as identified in the Student Handbook. Student involvement within the University Centre covers both formal and informal partnerships to ensure students have the opportunity to represent their peers and contribute to key committees.  At College level, these include the College Corporation Board, Academic Board, theLearning Teaching and Assessment Committee, Higher Education (LTAC-HE), and the Teaching Learning and Committee, Further Education (TLAC-FE.  Within the University Centre at Blackburn College students are represented on programme committees and school boards.

In addition, the Students’ Union holds student meetings, campaigns and undertakes specific project work.  The Student Voice is also heard through focus groups, surveys, student drop-ins, and newsletters.

Based on student feedback, and in collaboration with students, the following have been agreed for the 2016/17 academic year:

  1. Feedback and assessment: we recognise that this is an essential part of all students’ academic studies, and we want it to be of the highest standard and in line with the University Centre at Blackburn College Academic Regulations. (see sections 4.1.42 and 4.9)
  2. Learning resources: we aim to encourage students to be involved in and contribute to decisions about learning resources so that we make best use of the space available. We plan to hold regular focus groups to improve the service, as well as involving students in discussion of the purchasing choices for books and resources.
  3. Students’ Union: we aim to continue growing and moving forward, we want to introduce more societies and host more events.  We also want to continue to partner with students to see productive and progressive change.
  4. We aim to build on the student voice: extending this to a school ambassador role, embedding training and exploring routes for recognition and reward.
  5. Other challenges: we will work together and support the Students’ Union in investigating and addressing issues arising from student feedback throughout the year.


The student partnership agreement sets out what you can expect from us as a student.  It also sets out your responsibilities in respect of your own learning and student experience. This forms part of the University Centre tutorial model and the induction process, and seeks to create an inclusive, respectful environment for all.

What you can expect from us:

  • We will treat you with respect at all times.
  • We value your contributions and your views, opinions and thoughts as students will be sought.  Outcomes from your feedback will be provided in a timely manner. The Students’ Union and student representation system will make sure your views are heard, whether addressing course or University Centre at Blackburn College concerns.
  • We will support you in your studies through academic advice, providing prompt and useful feedback on assessments, and providing opportunities for discussion on this feedback. This feedback may be given in both verbal and written formats.
  • We will also advise, support and guide your academic, personal and social development, using your personal tutors, the student engagement team and the wider support team in the University Centre at Blackburn College. 
  • Regular group and individual tutorials will be provided with a dedicated personal tutor who will provide academic and pastoral support.
  • We will provide you with information to help with your studies, as well as full, accurate and accessible information about all the facilities at the University Centre at Blackburn College.
  • We will provide opportunities through the Students’ Union and Student Communications and Events Coordinator to connect socially at events, clubs and societies and to create opportunities to embrace enterprise and research projects.
  • We will ensure that we provide a safe study and social environment.

In return, we expect the following from you:

  • To treat other students, staff and visitors with respect at all times.  Please be polite, and consider the needs of others.
  • To respect and look after the facilities provided and utilise them fully to aid your academic and social progress.
  • To take responsibility for your own development by acquiring and enhancing your skills, working towards independent study and research, as well as engaging in all of your sessions.
  • To support each other, promote and foster a culture of team work.
  • To learn and apply good referencing skills to avoid plagiarism and academic misconduct.
  • To prepare for, attend and fully participate in all teaching sessions and other educational events, sharing ideas and best practice.
  • To complete your work to the deadlines set and to the best of your ability.
  • To use your University Centre at Blackburn College email for all communication; to keep in touch by reporting sickness and non-attendance through your personal tutor/the sickness line; to ensure we are able to accurately record your attendance on the register.
  • To discuss your feedback and encourage a dialogue with your tutors in order to enhance your work.
  • To express your views, thoughts and opinions through appropriate channels.
  • To engage fully in the University Centre at Blackburn College community, including involvement with the Students’ Union, the student representation system, student trips, fora and surveys, as appropriate.  You do have  opportunities to make a difference to the quality of your learning experience.
  • To attend your group and individual tutorials to ensure full engagement with the academic and pastoral support provided by your personal tutor.  This will enhance the likelihood of succeeding in your programme of study.
  • To ensure appropriate use of social media at all times
  • To ensure attendance and punctuality at all times for scheduled examinations.  Where you are unable to attend, you should follow the recommended guidance for non-attendance due to extenuating circumstances.

Part 2: The Students’ Union

The Students’ Union serves to give the student body the opportunity to improve the student experience by expressing its voice and co-creating effective change.

In order to do this, we have a new and improved student representative system. This includes informal and formal mechanisms. For example, partnerships at programme committees, school boards and the formal governance structures such as the corporation board, academic board, and various committees. We are actively involved in curriculum development and validation processes, as well as the established student representative fora.

In addition, to develop the social side of the University Centre experience we have an ever growing range of student led societies and clubs. Societies can be founded around any common interest, whether academic, social or leisure, and they are easy to setup, receiving organisational, administrative, structural and financial backing from us. We also host regular fundraising events, non-academic trips and social events which any student can get involved with, help plan, run, or just attend.

Students can be involved at whichever level they choose, when considering becoming a Students’ Union Officer or student representative, to starting a society or just attending events. All information on the above and more can be found on our website at

The link below will take you directly to the College Publication Scheme which signposts you to our policies and procedures