Support to Achieve

You now know about the financial support that you can get when you apply to University Centre at Blackburn College, but what about other kinds of support?

We have invested thousands of pounds to make study skills support available to you for free and to improve your access to Library resources and the important texts you'll need to do your academic work.

We've spent money in places that will have the greatest positive impact on your ability to make the most of your studies.

Student Engagement Team

The role of the Student Engagement Officer is to ensure that you are happy at UCBC and engaged successfully with your studies.

The Student Engagement Team can help with a range of study skills topics, which are listed below.

The Student Engagement Officers offer appointments on a one to one basis and the appointments are generally booked for half an hour, however appointments can be arranged for an hour where required.

Appointments can be booked directly with the relevant Student Engagement Officer.  The team is available throughout the year, from September to September for you to contact should you need any help or support.  Details of how to contact your Student Engagement Officer are detailed below under the section “Meet the Student Engagement Team”.

Student Engagement Team offer advice on the following topics:

Essay & report writing / academic writing skills:
Advice will be provided in relation to the structuring of assignments/reports and essays.
Proof reading skills:
Students will be informed about the tools that are available to enable them to effectively proof read their own work.
Presentation skills:
Guidance will be available on the use of e.g. Powerpoint and Prezi to develop visual presentations.
Help with referencing
Students will be provided with guidance hand-outs to refer to in relation to referencing.
Time management:
Assistance will be provided in relation to using diary systems to manage time and develop a study/life balance. General strategies will be presented to plan and make more effective use of time.
Organisational skills:
Students will receive direction on systematic approaches to organisation.
Students will receive direction on systematic approaches to organisation.
Note taking:
Students will be advised on different approaches to the most efficient note taking methods in a variety of contexts.
Exam preparation:
Covering top tips to prepare for and maximise the students’ performance in examinations. The focus will be on practical advice as well as dealing with emotional and psychological factors.
Stress management:
A brief introduction to ways of relaxing and techniques to cope with stress and the pressures of Higher Education.
Students will be provided with hand-outs explaining the structure of a dissertation, however due to the focus on independent learning the students will be referred back to their dissertation tutors regarding any further queries.

Meet the Student Engagement Team:

Gemma Irving

HE Student Engagement Co-ordinator

T: 01254 292895

Terry King

HE Student Engagement Officer

T: 01254 292144

Jacqueline Rimmer

HE Student Engagement Officer

T: 01254 292829

Laura Hunter

HE Student Engagement Officer

T: 01254 292465


Personal Tutors

When you enrol at University Centre at Blackburn College you’ll be allocated a Personal Tutor. This tutor has a dual role – an academic development role and a pastoral care role.

Academic Development

Your Personal Tutor should help you reflect on your skills and experience, both within and outside of the curriculum, in an academic context and use this reflection to help you formulate plans for the future. Your Personal Tutor will help you maximise your academic opportunities and direct you to other sources of academic guidance within the University Centre.

Pastoral care

Your Personal Tutor will actively listen to you, providing encouragement and support as appropriate. They will also offer guidance and advice on the availability of appropriate support concerning study, financial and other matters offered by the University where these are affecting your ability to complete your studies successfully. To do this your Personal Tutor will help to sign post you to a range of support services available, conduct one to ones with you and encourage you to achieve your potential.