• Studied: A-Level Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics
I'm speechless. The fact I gained 5 A*s still hasn't sunk in properly.

Chris Talbot, 18 from Blackburn, achieved 5 A*s in his A-Levels in Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Physics and in his Extended Project, securing his place at the University of Cambridge to study BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences at Christ College.

Chris said: “It’s been great studying my A-Levels at Blackburn College. The tutors have been fantastic and very supportive.

“I have been encouraged to take part in a range of enrichment activities, including a trip to Villiers Park Educational Trust and a University of Cambridge taster day, which I believe really helped me to secure my place.

“Blackburn College is certainly a great place to study and is fantastic for high achievers who have aspirations to go on to Russell Group Universities.”

As part of his BSc (Hons) in Natural Science, Chris will get to study topics such as: Animal Biology; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Cell and Developmental Biology; Earth Sciences; Ecology; Experimental Psychology and many more.

During his studies, Chris still found time to help out other students who were studying GCSEs and A-Levels when he volunteered at First Class Learning in Blackburn, this activity helped improve his personal statement when applying to the University of Cambridge.

Chris completed also completed an Extended Project at Blackburn College in order to increase his number of UCAS points. His extended project was titled ‘The feasibility of Nuclear Fusion as an energy source.’

He said: “I chose to do my extended project on Nuclear Fusion because it gave me an opportunity to study a subject I am really interested in, as well as prepare me for starting University.

“Extended Projects give you an advantage when applying to university as it shows your commitment to studying at a higher level. Not only does it help you in terms of planning a project, but it also helps you with research methods used whilst at university, as well as presentation skills.”

Chris has currently secured First Class Honours worthy grades for his first year at the University of Cambridge and can’t wait to get back to start his second year.