• Studied: A-Levels
"Alison was the person who shined the light in my growing darkness"

Nadia Patel is now employed by the College as a Support Tutor For The Visually Impairedbut her journey here started as a student. She said:

“I first studied A-Levels at Blackburn College, where I worked closely with Alison Parker-Thompson, the Qualified Teacher of the Visually Impaired. She became a pillar in my life, a person who nurtured and nourished my confidence, competence and independence. She was not only a teacher, but a confidant and my very own support system. During my studies at Blackburn College, I suddenly and significantly lost a wealth of sight. Alison was the person who shined the light in my growing darkness.”

With the support of Alison and Blackburn College, Nadia progressed to study at university, later returning to Blackburn College to pursue postgraduate studies. She added:

“I attended the University of Central Lancashire to complete a BA (Hons) Education and Professional Studies, where I achieved a first-class honours. I then completed my PGCE at the University Centre at Blackburn College, where I taught on the Foundation and Education Studies degree programmes. By June 2018, I was employed at the College, working alongside Alison Parker-Thompson as a Support Teacher of the Visually Impaired.

Nadia is keen to ensure she provides the same level of support to her students – as she received from Alison when she was a student. She said:

“Today, I support 7 blind and visually impaired students across Blackburn College, with the aim of nurturing these fantastic individuals to realise, achieve and exceed their potential. I am indebted to Alison for all the time and effort that she has invested in me and I strive to do the best that I can do, be the best that I can be and work to the same standard that I received as a student.”