Natasha Ricioppo Senior Associate at CMS

Natasha Ricioppo
  • Studied: A-Levels
  • Senior Associate at CMS
It’s nice to be back and see what the campus is now like

Natasha studied her A-levels with us at Blackburn College before embarking on a degree in Law and Criminology at Keele University. Now, Natasha is a Senior Associate at CMS, an international law firm and the fifth largest law firm in the UK. Natasha recently visited College with one of her Solicitor Apprentices, Heather, and spoke to students about her career as well as the different routes into law that CMS can help with.

She said: “Myself and Heather, a Solicitor Apprentice at CMS, spoke to students about how we both got into law, the route Heather has taken and how she will qualify, what it’s like to work as a lawyer and what a typical day may look like.

“I previously worked for the General Medical Council for six years where I would prosecute doctors on behalf of the Council. Now working at CMS,  I work on the other side and I defend doctors in General Medical Council and inquest proceedings.  I also prosecute and defend other medical professionals and organisations in regulatory proceedings.  In addition, I advise our corporate clients in regulatory matters, focusing on healthcare, social care and education.

“Lots has changed since I was last at Blackburn College. It’s made me feel quite old! But it’s nice to be back and see what the campus is now like.

“We had lots of interesting questions from students and were able to introduce them to the apprenticeship route into law that we offer at CMS, as well as giving them some advice and tips for applying. We take on around eight to 10 Solicitor Apprentices each year from 1000’s of applications and it’s a route that is becoming more popular.

“It’s a different way of qualifying, as Solicitor Apprentices will complete their law degree whilst also working and getting paid in addition to gaining practical experience.

“It’s also hugely beneficial to the firm, as when our apprentices qualify, the hope is that they will stay with the firm so everybody wins.”

Morgan Currey, Law Lecturer at Blackburn Sixth Form and Natasha’s former tutor said: “It’s super to see how Natasha has gone on to achieve great things in her career. Part of being a teacher is seeing your students succeed, it’s what we do it for.

“We have kept in touch over the years and it’s been fantastic to see Natasha come and lend her advice and expertise to our aspiring lawyers.”