Saba Naz Ansari High Achiever Scholarship

Saba Naz Ansari
  • Studied: High Achiever Scholarship
I heard first-hand from her about the excellent support help and teaching she received


  • A-Level Law
  • A-Level Economics
  • A-Level Business Studies

“I am really pleased to have been awarded a High Achievers Scholarship as I do not want to keeping asking my parents for money for items that would be helpful to support my studies. Instead, I would like to be an independent learner and be able to support myself. Ideally, I would like to buy a laptop as I prefer to type out my work to help keep my notes neat and organised.

“I decided to come to Blackburn Sixth Form as I have a sister who attends the College. I heard first hand from her about the excellent support, help and teaching she received. A-Level Economics is a new subject for 2021/22 and this also helped my decision as I really wanted to study Economics A-Level.”