College Management Structure

College Leadership Team

Dr Fazal Dad Dr Fazal Dad Principal and Chief Executive

Jennifer Eastham Jennifer Eastham Vice Principal - Finance and Corporate Services

Nicola Clayton Nicola Clayton Director of Business Development and External Engagement

David Dobson David Dobson Head of Finance

Kelly Wright Kelly Wright Head of MIS/IT

Joanne Calcutt Joanne Calcutt Head of Human Resources

Nicola Cunningham Nicola Cunningham Head of Operations (Apprenticeships)

Ben Taylor Ben Taylor Head of Marketing

Andrew Gadsdon Andrew Gadsdon Head of Quality of Education

Christopher Hepworth Christopher Hepworth Head of Quality - Higher Education

Andrew Pickles Andrew Pickles Assistant Principal - Student Support and Engagement

Becky Skarratts Becky Skarratts Head of Student Support (Cross College)

Rachel Birleson Rachel Birleson Personal Development, Employability and Welfare Manager

Technical Centre Management Team

Damian Stewart Damian Stewart Assistant Principal - Teaching and Learning

Gretel Redwood Gretel Redwood Head of School - Customer Service Industries

Craig Midgley Craig Midgley Head of School - Technical Studies

Claire Thompson Claire Thompson Head of School - Health and Social Care, Early Years and Foundation Learning

Felicity Linnane Felicity LinnaneEnglish and Maths Manager

The Academic Centre Management Team

Rachel Tarplee Rachel Tarplee Assistant Principal - Teaching and Learning

Jon Bond Jon Bond Interim Head of School - Creative and Digital

Asif Khan Asif Khan Head of School - Sixth Form

Victoria Wood Victoria Wood Head of School - Business, Science and Engineering

University Centre Management Team

Caroline Bracewell Caroline Bracewell Assistant Principal (Higher Education)

Justine Walker Justine Walker Assistant Head of School - Health, Humanities and Education

Joanne Halliwell Joanne Halliwell Assistant Head of School - Business, Commericial and Technology

Jenna Gardner Jenna Gardner Assistant Head of School - Creative, Digital and Community

Safeguarding and Pastoral Team

Andrew Pickles Andrew Pickles Assistant Principal - Student Support and Engagement

Francesca Keogh Francesca Keogh Safeguarding Pactionioner

Becky Skarratts Becky Skarratts Student Support Manager

Christine Kindylides Christine Kindylides Personal Development and Tutorial Manager

Emma Barnard Emma Barnard Student Engagement and Pastoral Support Mentor

Jayne Horsfall Jayne Horsfall Student Engagement and Pastoral Support Mentor

Sajeda Mangera Sajeda Mangera Safeguarding and Pastoral Support Officer


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