The Services We Offer

Prospectus and course offer

See our course offer using our new course finder tool. You can also download a prospectus or call into The Hub for further course information. 

Health advice

Whilst the College does not have its own health service, student services do direct students to facilities available locally.

Chaplaincy services

The College has part-time Chaplains who are available for students, of any faith, or none. The Chaplains manage the Peace Place facility in the Beacon Centre. They will talk to you on spiritual, or other issues and can be contacted via 01254 292585.

Sports Services

Information about the College’s sports facilities is available in the facilities section of our website. 

Advice and guidance

Information about the College’s advice and guidance services can be found in the Student Services section of the website.

Media releases

The College’s latest news and archived news stories are available under the news section of the website.

Student Activities

The College wants students to be involved in shaping the learning opportunities available to them and to have a say in the way the College is managed and developed. Under the College’s Student Voice initiative student representatives attend curriculum area student meetings, cross college forums and the Principalship Breakfast meetings.