Sustainability Policy Statement


Climate change and environmental destruction are some of the biggest challenges of our time. Blackburn College is committed to championing the development of Environmental, Social and Governance aspects of our operations and curricular areas. Seeking proactive ways to drive positive progress and set a pathway to balance the overall impact on People, the Planet and the Economy.

Our Commitments

  • The prevention of, and damage to, the environment
  • Embedding sustainability into our college culture
  • To achieve carbon net-zero impact by 2050
  • Compliance with all applicable legislation, governance and guidelines
  • Promoting equality, support human rights and local communities


  • Promote United Nations Sustainability Development Goals
  • Establish targets and objectives
  • Assess the college risk and environmental impact of climate change
  • Achieve minimum standards, and expectations
  • Emerge in the industry, enabling innovation, and accelerating sustainable progress
  • Increase energy efficiency and decrease carbon impact to existing buildings
  • Increase awareness and communication of the sustainability program and initiatives
  • Reduce waste generation
  • Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions
  • Measure, reduce and offset digital carbon footprint
  • Conduct inspections, audits and lessons learned action plans
  • Contribute value to the economy of our communities
  • Respect communities and encourage participation in our activities and supply chain opportunities
  • Access to knowledge to assist third parties and college partners achieve shared responsibilities
  • Encourage corporate and individual engagement with charities, not for profits and industry associations

Establishing a standard for long-term success is at the heart of our college, pursuing innovation, risk mitigation, improving our position and building greater resilience.


The Principal and Chief Executive endorses and supports this policy. The strategy applies to all college related activities and has the capacity to change over time to respond to the requirements of the college and external influences in our efforts to accelerate change.

The Sustainability Policy Statement shall be communicated to all staff and students via the website, Intranet and as part of our onboarding program to take active steps towards becoming a high impact college.

This Policy shall be continually monitored and periodically reviewed to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate.

Dr. Fazal Dad

Principal and chief Executive

August 2022