Steering and Suspension Checks

The Steering system enables the driver to guide and direct the vehicle in a chosen direction, whilst suspension is the term given to the system of springs and shock absorbers that connects a vehicle to the road surface via the wheels and tyres.

A Steering and Suspension check will cost £10 and includes the following:

  • Springs - Age / mileage weakens suspension gradually, affecting road-holding
  • Dampers - Also known as shock absorbers weaken with time and use, leading to poorer handling
  • Tracking - Steering alignment – hitting kerbs and potholes can cause adjustments to change, leading to increased tyre wear and increased fuel consumption
  • Power steering - Hydraulic or electrical steering assistance – leaks, sluggish response affects your control
  • Ball joints - Suspension and steering swivels can tighten or become slack irrespective of use
  • Drop links - Suspension connections to anti-roll bars. These have flexible joints that are working continuously and do wear out
  • Wishbones - Key part of suspension – front or rear. Vulnerable to corrosion and impact damage
  • Struts - Main suspension – front or rear. Combined spring / damper units prone to oil leaks, corrosion and damage
  • Anti-roll bars - Important part of the suspension keeps the car stable when cornering. Weak / failed mountings cause ‘slack’ handling and noise

To book your vehicle in, please contact Regional Automotive Technology Hub MOT Centre on 01254 292283 or, complete the booking form below.


Please note: Once your vehicle has been booked in for an MOT or one of our services, you will be required to to authorise any repairs (if necessary) before these are carried out, and therefore must be contactable.

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