Steering and Suspension Checks

Basic information:

The Steering system enables the driver to guide and direct the vehicle in a chosen direction, whilst suspension is the term given to the system of springs and shock absorbers that connects a vehicle to the road surface via the wheels and tyres.

Our trained staff will check the following:

  • Springs - Age / mileage weakens suspension gradually, affecting road-holding
  • Dampers - Also known as shock absorbers weaken with time and use, leading to poorer handling
  • Tracking - Steering alignment – hitting kerbs and potholes can cause adjustments to change, leading to increased tyre wear and increased fuel consumption
  • Power steering - Hydraulic or electrical steering assistance – leaks, sluggish response affects your control
  • Ball joints - Suspension and steering swivels can tighten or become slack irrespective of use
  • Drop links - Suspension connections to anti-roll bars. These have flexible joints that are working continuously and do wear out
  • Wishbones - Key part of suspension – front or rear. Vulnerable to corrosion and impact damage
  • Struts - Main suspension – front or rear. Combined spring / damper units prone to oil leaks, corrosion and damage
  • Anti-roll bars - Important part of the suspension keeps the car stable when cornering. Weak / failed mountings cause ‘slack’ handling and noise


Cost: £10

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