Tyres, Brakes and Exhaust Checks

Tyres, Brakes and Exhaust are all extremely important parts of a car, and need to be maintained regularly to ensure that the car is roadworthy and legal.

We will do the following checks:

  • Balancing - Cures steering wheel ‘shake’ and extends tyre life
  • Punctures - Professional / legal repairs
  • Wheel alignment - Reduces fuel consumption, extends tyre life, ensures safer journeys
  • Discs & pads - The most important safety related item your vehicle has, inspected and rectified
  • Brake fluid service - Manufacturers recommended regular inspection and replacement
  • Exhaust systems - Controls pollution, improves performance, improves fuel consumption
  • Lambda sensor checks - Directly affects fuel consumption, performance and pollution
  • Tyre legality checks - Impartial and professional – tyres are your ONLY point of contact with the road

Cost: £10

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