Fees and Financial Support for ages 19+

A large amount of financial support is available for students who want to return to study. Many students pay no upfront fees when they choose to study - instead, a range of loans and grants are available. Depending on your financial circumstances and the course you choose, you may pay no fees at all!

Our Student Finance team are on hand to support you whatever level you wish to study at.

They can help with:

  • Ensuring you are fully aware of the funding opportunities that are available to you
  • Applying for funding and accessing loans
  • Assisting you if you’re in genuine financial hardship
  • Supporting you with advice about travel (where applicable)
  • Assisting with short term emergency hardship (where applicable)

We recommend all adult students make an appointment with our Student Finance team. Phone 01254 29 29 29 or email thehub@blackburn.ac.uk to make an appointment.



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