I loved all of the lessons and enjoyed my time in the classes

Gabriele is an adult student who has completed her GCSE Mathematics qualification at Blackburn College, achieving a brilliant Grade 8. Congratulations, Gabriele!

Gabriele said: “I am happy with how I have done! It’s really nice to see all the hard work of studying around work and life commitments has paid off.

“I chose to study my GCSE Maths because I am looking to move into Maths Tuition in the future and needed to do a refresher course. I want to do some voluntary work in a Primary School to move towards this.

“Ideally, I want to sit an actual GCSE Mathematics exam to challenge myself and see if I can achieve a Grade 9! Unfortunately, I couldn’t sit the exam this year due to the challenges of COVID-19. If I do eventually sit the exam, and achieve my goals, I will then look to progress to voluntary work in a Secondary School.”

She added: “I loved all of the lessons and enjoyed my time in the classes, the tutors made the curriculum good and engaging. It wasn’t just a case of sitting and listening because, where they could, they made certain things practical and got the whole class taking part.

I chose to do it at Blackburn College because the campus is close to home, so it was very convenient for me to study here.”