• School: Darwen Vale High School & Engineering College
  • Studied: GCSE Maths and English
"As a result of GCSE Maths and English, I’m now at the University Centre!"

I came to Blackburn College because I live in the local area and having a college that offers so many courses so close to me was ideal.

What I really enjoyed about Blackburn College were the people and the tutors. My tutors were really cool and easy to engage with. In fact, the tutors were so amazing that I wouldn’t have gotten the grades I achieved if it wasn’t for them!

I came back to do my GCSE Maths and English initially because I knew I needed these fundamental qualifications in order to move onto bigger and better things in life. It’s really been the stepping stone I needed.

My confidence has also improved massively, both in regards to education and on a personal level. I’m now able to engage with a group in class, which was definitely a concern I had before starting here. Now I have no problems whatsoever!

My end goal is to be a Quantity Surveyor and I’m really pleased that Blackburn College has put me on the path to getting there. As a result of GCSE Maths and English, I’m now at the University Centre at Blackburn College studying HNC Construction.