Leanne Wilson-Mayor Neo Natal Nurse at East Lancashire Healthcare Trust

If I can do it... you can too! Enjoy the journey.

Embarking on a career with in Nursing and Midwifery as a “Mature” student was daunting, however, I was extremely well supported in looking at funding my course, having financial stability while on my course and the expectations the College had of me while on the course.

The Access to Higher Education Diploma allows you think and explore many current issues and learn the art of academic writing.

Today, thanks for the Access to Higher Education Diploma, I am a qualified Staff Nurse who has experience in Intensive Care and I am about to move to a role which I feel is perfect for me... staff nurse in Neonatal.

After my Access to Higher Education Diploma  I went on to study Nursing at the University of Central Lancashire and haven't looked back from there!

The Access to Higher Education Diploma really helps to set you up for university and I would like to say that if I can do it... you can too!  Enjoy the journey.