School leaver applications

If you're aged up to 18 years old, we take applications for A-Levels, Technical courses and Apprenticeships. If you're unsure what course to choose or need help with your application, get in touch to discuss your options:

Apply online

Simply, find the courses you're interested in using our course finder tool and head to our online application form to complete your details. 

The application process

There are 6 easy steps to becoming a Blackburn College student:

  1. Find the course you want to study and make your application 
  2. Come to an interview to discuss your chosen course and see if it is right for you
  3. Get an offer for the course 
  4. Accept your place
  5. Get your enrolment information in the post (enrolment usually happens in August once you have your GCSE results. When you enrol you will officially become a Blackburn College student)
  6. Enrol and officially become a Blackburn College student

Frequently asked questions

What if I change my mind?

If during or after your interview you decide that the course you've applied for isn't right for you, don't worry! Just call the hub and make an appointment with the careers team to discuss your options.

What if my exam results are better than I am expecting?

If you wish to change your course because you have achieved better grades than you thought, this is fine. Just contact the Hub to arrange an appointment – 01254 292929

What if my exam results are worse than I am expecting?

If your exam results are not what you hoped for, don’t worry. We can put you on a course that is suitable for your level of study. Just contact the hub to arrange an appointment – 01254 292929

How do I enrol?

Enrolment takes place during late August and September. You will receive a letter telling you when you will need to come in and what to bring with you. If you haven’t received your letter before the beginning of August you can contact the hub on 01254 292929 to find out more.