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An important message from Dr Fazal Dad, Principal and Chief Executive.

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Our Applicant Hub

A dedicated page set up to keep you informed during throughout the application process to Blackburn College

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Dear Applicant,

We have recently emailed you to let you know that we have changed our plans for 2021 due to the national lockdown and will no longer be interviewing all applicants who are aged 16 to 18.

We wanted to reassure you that your place at Blackburn College is secure, the only change is that you will not be required to attend an interview at this moment in time.

We hope that this gives you one less item to think about at this time, and it will give you extra time to concentrate on your home learning activities and your School work.

We will shortly be writing to you to confirm your conditional offer of a place on the course to which you have applied. If you change your mind and wish to study a different course then you can let us know by emailing so that we can update our records.

Once we know your GCSE and qualification results, we will be able to discuss with you whether your course choice remains the right one for you. Do not worry, we will still have a place at Blackburn College secured for you no matter what your GCSE results.

Whilst we are not undertaking individual interviews, we are going to arrange a monthly catch up opportunity for all applicants. This is so you can get to know your tutors, ask questions and find out more about your course. The details about these opportunities will be sent to your email address - so do please remember to check it frequently. 

We have put together a handy Frequently Asked Questions section of our website for applicants - this is so you are able to keep informed.

If you’re an adult student, or you have applied for an Apprenticeship, or you have applied for a course at Blackburn University Centre, there are certain circumstances when your interview will still take place. You should therefore take note of any correspondence that is sent to you and attend your interview as normal.

You will need to accept your offer and can do this by logging in to our applicant portal. This is a really important step as it means that we know to expect you in September.

We will shortly send you a letter confirming your log-on details, should you have mislaid these. These log-on details are unique to you, so please do keep them safe. We will also send you details as to how to reset your password.

On behalf of everyone at Blackburn College, we look forward to getting to know you.

Yours sincerely,

Rachel Tarplee

Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning)

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been sent an interview date already and I am aged 16 to 18. Will my interview go ahead?

No. If we have scheduled an interview and sent you a letter to confirm a date and a time this will no longer go ahead. Please note, if you have applied for an Apprenticeship, are aged 19+ or have applied to Blackburn University Centre, your interview is likely still to take place. This will be a telephone interview at the date and time that has previously been communicated to you.

I have got an Education, Health Care Plan and/or support needs and wished to discuss this at my interview. Will I still be able to?

Yes. Our dedicated Additional Learning Support team will contact all applicants who have indicated on their application form that they will require support, so that we can discuss your individual needs.

I have already had an interview with the Blackburn College staff member? Will this change the outcome of my interview?

No. If you have already had an interview the outcome of that interview still stands.

I had questions I wanted to ask at my interview, can I still do this?

Yes. Every applicant will be able to attend a monthly session with our tutors so that you are able to ask questions about your choice of course. 

Do I have to do anything right now?

Yes. Once we have updated our records, we need you to confirm your place at Blackburn College so that it is reserved for you in September 2021. To do this you will need to log-on to our Applicant Portal. We will shortly send you a letter confirming how to do this.

Will I hear more information about Blackburn College prior to September?

Yes. Every month between now and September you will be sent a communication in the post as well as emails and texts as appropriate.

Will I be able to look around college?

Yes. We have already scheduled a New Students’ Day on Monday 28th June 2021. Of course, at this moment in time we do not know what Government restrictions may be in place at that time.

Even if we are not able to hold New Students’ Day on site we will make sure you are able to look around the College digitally or make alternative plans for you to be able to access the campus. However, it is our firm hope that you will be able to visit Blackburn College in person.

I’ve got questions who should I contact?

If you have any questions about these communications you should email

I haven’t heard anything about my application, what should I do?

In the unlikely event that you have not yet heard from the College about your application, please contact us at and include your name contact details (including a mobile number) in the email. This is so we can get back in touch with you and make sure that our records and your contact details are correct.

Our Applicant Hub

A dedicated page set up to keep you informed during throughout the application process to Blackburn College

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