Ben Turner Working for his dad's independent Plumbing business GT Property Services

"The College will help you in your chosen aspect of work and guide you on your way to your chosen career; it’s a very friendly environment to be in."

Ben said: “I studied the Level 2 Intermediate Domestic Plumbing and Heating Apprenticeship before progressing on to the Level 3 Advanced Domestic Plumbing and Heating Apprenticeship. My Level 3 coincided with a Domestic Gas Installers qualification I completed through City and Guilds. 

This was all achieved over four years of training which consisted of College attendance one day a week and four days of working. I chose to study at Blackburn College as I am local to the area, had studied other courses there beforehand and enjoyed the environment, people and staff. 

“The aspects I enjoyed the most were learning the theory and background to my area of work, the whole College feel of meeting new people and the great staff. Blackburn Collegprepared me for my future career by helping me to understand and apply the theoretical knowledge of Plumbing, Heating and Gas in domestic applications to my practical work on site and within the field. 

He added: “The tutors at Blackburn College were great as they were very easy to get on with and had worked in my area of work prior to teaching. Their experience made it easy to understand the scope of the job and its practical applications. 

Also, they supported me throughout my course wherever needed and taught me a great deal of the theoretical background to my area of work, which again helped me in applying the skills needed for the job. 

I would say to anyone thinking of choosing to study at Blackburn College to not worry and be happy to do so. The College will help you in your chosen aspect of work and guide you on your way to your chosen career; its a very friendly environment to be in. 

I am planning on taking charge of my mine and my father’s independent Plumbing business, GT Property Services, and hopefully expanding the business to new horizons. I am currently still working alongside my father installing mainly domestic gas appliances and full bathroom suites.”