• Studied: Barbering Level 3 Apprenticeship
"The tutors at Blackburn College have made me a better barber."

I chose to do my Apprenticeship with Blackburn College because the salon I work in has a great relationship with them and informed me of the very high standards of the College’s Apprenticeships.

I’ve really enjoyed my Barbering Level 3 Apprenticeship so far, especially because I’ve been able to learn new techniques and skills to better my craft. I’ve also really enjoyed the support I’ve received from the tutors at Blackburn College – who have really made me a better barber.

The skills I’ve learnt from the tutors at Blackburn College means I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my ability to cut hair, no matter the client. If there are any issues or problems that come up, I now know how to remedy the situation, which is an important part of being a professional.

I now continue to carry on mastering my craft through the help of my Blackburn College Apprenticeship – gaining new clients in the process. I want to continue to perform in this job to the very high level Blackburn College has set and in the coming years, open my own salon.