Computing and IT Apprenticeships

Students who are looking for an exciting career, that is fast-paced and lively, then a Computing and IT Apprenticeship is a great route to take.

The Computing and IT industry develops computer solutions that help businesses and individuals become more successful in their work. IT professionals serve customers in all types of business. They could be developing software or websites, helping companies set up new systems, or training people to use their IT facilities.

Our apprenticeships give you the skills and knowledge to work effectively and efficiently with IT systems, communication and productivity tools, and software applications.

Apprenticeship courses in Computing and IT

We have a range of Apprenticeship courses designed to help you to gain the skills and qualifications you need to climb the career ladder and improve your earning potential.

Our Apprenticeship training is tailored to ensure you develop skills employers want, which gives our apprentices a real advantage in the workplace.

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Computing and IT

B-523 IT Tech/Customer Support Apprentice at Unified World Communications LTD in Blackburn

B-562 Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprentice at Raw Indigo Limited - ETO Jeans based in Blackburn

B-574 E-Commerce Specialist Apprentice at Whittakers Schoolwear based in Blackburn

B-567 Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprentice at Vapeship

B-586 Marketing and Communications Apprentice at Community Solutions North West Ltd based in Accrington

B-538 Software Developer Apprentice at ICSKILLS.COM Ltd in Clitheroe

SF-10 Design Apprentice at Star Print in Nelson

Career opportunities

Completing an Apprenticeship in Computing and IT can lead to a number of IT and technical careers, for example: IT Manager, Systems Analyst, Webmaster, Computer Engineer, Digital Media Specialist, Games Developer, Programmer, Software Developer and Networking Technician.

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Read about our successful students and how an Apprenticeship has helped them in to their dream career.

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