Textiles and Apparel Apprenticeships

The fashion and textiles sector covers the supply chain from the processing of raw materials to product manufacture, to wholesale and trading activities and after-sales servicing of products.

If you enjoy practical, hands on work and have an interest in style and design, there could be opportunities for you in the creative arts industry.

These apprenticeships train you in both technical and practical skills.

Apprenticeship courses in Textiles and Apparel

We have a range of Apprenticeship courses designed to help you to gain the skills and qualifications you need to climb the career ladder and improve your earning potential.

Our Apprenticeship training is tailored to ensure you develop skills employers want, which gives our apprentices a real advantage in the workplace.

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Textiles and Apparel

Level 2 Sewing Apprentice at Redwood Group Holding Ltd based in Skelmersdale

Level 2 Sewing Apprentice at Safariland UK based in Warrington

Level 2 Sewing Apprentice at Foams 4 Sports based in Ashton-Under-Lyne

Career opportunities

Upon completion of your Textiles and Apparel Apprenticeship, you have a number of career opportunities available to you, for example: Upholsterer, Sewing Machinist, Pattern Cutter, Dressmaker.

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