College & Sixth Form Liaison

College&Sixth Form Liaison.jpgWe provide advice and guidance to anyone considering Higher Education - to help them make an informed decision about their future.

We offer a range of free sessions that are designed with the flexibility to suit your needs. If there are activities or services that would be of interest to your school or college , then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to offer assistance.

We have recently developed a new range of activities as part of our Sixth Form and College Liaison Service. You could choose to take part in one of the many sessions we offer to Sixth Forms and Colleges or even become a Progression Partner. Download the Information Booklet. 

Allison Billington – Transitions Officer

4.4.1 Allison_Billington compressed.jpgAllison is University Centre at Blackburn College’s Transitions Officer. Allison is the main contact for all Sixth Form and College Liaison Service requests. She will work with Sixth Form and College teams to organise and coordinate taster sessions, workshops and activities for Sixth Form and College students. You will also be able to meet Allison at UCAS Fairs, Open Events and events in your School, College or Sixth Form. Email or phone 01254 29 21 06 to get in touch.


Sessions for your Sixth Form or College

Our free sessions are designed with the flexibility to suit your needs. If there are any other activities or services that would be of interest to your school or college that we haven’t featured, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to offer assistance.

Session 1
A range of taster sessions for university courses

We offer taster sessions lasting for 1 -2 hours to introduce year 12 and 13 students to subjects that can be studied at UCBC. These wide ranging activities are led by UCBC course tutors. The taster sessions can be carried out at UCBC or we can visit your school or college. We are able to work with your teams to ensure the taster is relevant to you – just let us know what subject you require a taster in.

Session 2
Specific taster sessions for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects

Our brand new Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) building, the Sir Bill Taylor Future’s Centre, opened in September 2013. Students can take part in exciting activities around these subjects. Previous STEM tasters and activities have included learning about movement through fluids using jelly and guitars! And many other sessions including hovercrafts, wind turbines and renewable energies are available. Again, we are able to work with your teams to ensure the taster is relevant to you.

Session 3
How to impress at an interview

We can offer invaluable advice to prepare students for a University interview. Your students learn about what the HE tutors are looking for in a potential student and we use role-play to illustrate how to prepare for a successful interview in order to impress. This information can then be used for future career interviews.

Session 4
Personal Statement preparation workshops

Students can take part in a workshop where valuable advice is given about the dos and don’ts of providing information for a Personal Statement. Various materials are available to support the workshop including workbooks that can assist the student in preparing their Personal Statement.

Session 5
Information Presentation for Disabled Applicants

An invite to all School Advisors to attend a presentation to be held at the University Centre on: Facilitating Disabled Learners in to Higher Education. Please note due to limited availability of Advisors and diaries, we require some notice to facilitate this presentation and appointments should be made in advance by negotiation.

Session 6
Student Finance and Interactive Workshops

Our friendly, experienced Student Finance officers can talk about the student finance and funding available as well as incorporate fun activities for students to participate in. You can learn about how to live on a budget, how to make your student loans go further and address any financial concerns that students may have. The team will also discuss what bursaries and scholarships may be available.

Session 7
How to prepare an art portfolio and tutor feedback on existing portfolios

Receive excellent advice from our tutors who have prepared a fantastic information pack about what is required for a successful art portfolio. You can bring your portfolio with you for our tutors to critique and look at previous UCBC art students’ work to see the standard of work that can be achieved at UCBC.

Session 8
Introduction to Higher Education study (and how to choose a university or course) workshops

This is ideally suited for year 12 students. It covers the main questions of: is University worthwhile? Is it achievable? Is University affordable? We discuss different types of university and highlight the different approaches to researching and discovering the right university and course for the student to make the transition to university as easy as possible.

Session 9
Student life talks and presentations delivered by existing UCBC students/ambassadors

A great opportunity to find out about university life. Students can ask questions to existing UCBC students and ambassadors about their journey through university. You will find out about Students’ Union activities, learn about international trips that the students have participated in and the knowledge it has brought them.

Session 10
UCBC attendance at Careers/Fairs/Parents’ Evenings or other specific events at your school/college

UCBC is very pro-active in taking part in any events you have planned. We attend UCAS Conventions at Manchester and Greater Lancashire and have regular annual events we attend at schools and colleges and also attend events in the community. Please advise us of any events you are planning and we will do our best to attend.

Session 11
Benefits of studying locally workshop incorporating finance, timetables, work/study options

Not everyone wants to leave home and go to a university. We can offer accommodation to international & UK students, but some students may wish to live at home and study at a local university. Come along to our workshops to find out about the options available to study either full time or part time. We offer work friendly timetables to allow students to work and study which means that students don’t have to give up their job. This session is ideal for students who need to stay local due to financial or home commitments.

Session 12
VIP tours of College and campus

Whilst we offer Open Evenings for you to visit and look around and also meet the tutors, you can attend our VIP tours by contacting us and we will arrange a suitable time for you to visit. These tours are very successful and we will endeavour to let you meet the programme leader for the subject you are interested in studying, to ask any questions.

Progression Partners

For certain schools, who may wish to become a Progression Partner with University Centre at Blackburn College, we can offer your students:

  • A Guaranteed Offer

For Progression Partners we are able to offer all students applying to UCBC a guaranteed conditional offer on their UCAS application. The offer of a place will be subject to students achieving the required entry requirements.

  • A Guaranteed Interview

For Progression Partners, where our entry requirements specify that an interview is necessary before joining the course, we will guarantee Progression Partners students an interview to the programme.

  • Bespoke Talks and Workshops

For Progression Partners we are able to provide a range of bespoke talks and workshops, subject to necessary notice being given. These could cover a variety of HE issues and topics and could be provided both at your school or College, or here at University Centre at Blackburn College.


Useful Documents

Use the link below to download our full Sixth Form and College Liaison Offer booklet.

Download the Sixth Form and College Liaison Brochure

Want to request a taster session for your students?

Download the Taster Session Request Form and email it to or phone 01254 29 21 06 to book a session.