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Social Media - Twitter for Business (Delivered by Industry Expert - May King Tsang)

Course Information

  • Course Code: BC937
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: £75.00

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Blackburn College in partnership with May King Tsang, founder of MayKing Tea are pleased to offer the opportunity for you to attend our new Social Media Strategy for Business suite of courses.

Develop a detailed understanding of key social media specialisms to help you to promote your business.  This course is suitable for people who are responsible for the planning, execution and management of social media campaigns, social media specialists, enthusiasts, executives or anyone who would like to enhance their digital marketing knowledge in this area.  

Our industry specialist delivering the social media courses is May King Tsang, we are extremely fortunate to have May King undertake these courses for Blackburn College.


About May King Tsang: the tutor

May King Tsang

Hello there.  My name is May King Tsang.  My first name is May King and I founded MayKing Tea in 2010 in the UK.   An opportunity took me took me to Australia 6 months later. Without knowing a single person, I used Social Media to get known, and created Australia’s first support-for-business Facebook Group: Queensland Business Group. The group currently supports over 7500 business owners offering free advice, support and referrals.

I returned to the UK 10 months ago and have continued to be sought out for my Social Media consultancy, my Business Mentoring and Live Tweeting skills because of the work I built on Social Media to gain people’s trust; demonstrate leadership, experience and authority. During these courses, I will be able to show you how you can also be known on Social Media for your expertise which, in turn will help you to gain more customers, more business, and more opportunities.

I am currently representing Google as part of their #Digital Garage initiative as a Business Mentor for small businesses and students, and a Keynote Speaker on topics of Digital Marketing especially Social Media Marketing, Personal Branding, and Search Engine Optimisation. 

What will I study?


Twitter is one of the big four Social Media applications which businesses have used successfully to network, to find new customers, find out the latest news and is the best platform for demonstrating customer service.  This workshop helps business, organisations and charities gain a better understand of Twitter, how to use Twitter effectively, and will walk away from the workshop and a workable Twitter strategy.


The session will include:

  • Twitter Fundamentals
    • Why Twitter?
    • Set up Twitter Account
    • How Businesses use Twitter
  • Understand Twitter speak
    • Replies and Mention
    • RT and DM
    • Hashtags
  • How to use Twitter
    • Brand Awareness
    • Build Relationships / Community
    • Be a Thought Leader in your Industry
  • Twitter Strategy
    • Lists and Scheduling
    • Trending Hashtags / Competitions
    • Twitter Chats
  • Summary
    • Q&A
    • Additional Resources
    • Further learning


We will work live so please bring login details – and your questions.



This course can be booked separately or you may wish to book it as part of the Social Media suite of courses, see here

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements however we would ask that students have basic computer skills and have a good command of English.  Please ensure that you already have your social media account(s) activated as there will not be the opportunity to set these up and remember to bring your passwords and log in details so that you can work live during the sessions.



How will I be assessed?
What can I do next?

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For more information about this course, contact our specialist team on 01254 29 25 00 or email

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