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Diploma in Business Administration - Level 4

Course Information

  • Course Code: BC969
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: £1675.00
  • Times: 09:00-17:00
  • Delivery Type: PT

Start Dates

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The Level 4 Diploma is designed to reflect the work of administration staff across a wide range of industries and types of organisations, and is for those who are working with autonomy and personal responsibility. It is aimed at candidates who are developing, implementing and monitoring administrative services within their organisation.

To achieve a Level 4 Diploma in Business and Administration, you must complete a total of 57 credits from 4 mandatory units and 40 optional units. 18 credits must come from group A, mandatory units, a minimum of 26 credits from group B and a maximum of 13 credits from group C. 30 credits must be achieved at level 4.

The course is priced at £1,650 per delegate and includes skills analysis, course enrolment, registration, assessment, internal and external verification and certification.  The course should be completed within a maximum of 12 months (however some people complete the course quicker than others).  Course times will vary depending on the hours worked by the specific candidate.

Unfortunately applicants who cancel a place on a course within 21 days prior to delivery will not be given a refund due to administration charges.  Joining instructions are usually sent 7-10 days prior to a course taking place.

If any candidate considers themselves to have learning difficulty and/or a disability please help us to help you by contacting us in advance.  We can arrange a meeting with an appropriate member of staff to ensure we are able to make reasonable adaptations to support you, where possible.

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Business Advisor, Sue Battersby on 01254 292500,

What will I study?

Group A Mandatory Units (18 Credits)

  • 1 Communicate in a business environment
  • 2 Resolve administrative problems
  • 3 Manage the work of an administrative function
  • 4 Manage personal and professional development

Group B Optional Units (Minimum 26 credits)

  • 5 Contribute to the design and development of an information system
  • 6 Manage information systems
  • 7 Support environmental sustainability in a business environment
  • 8 Prepare specifications for contracts
  • 9 Manage events
  • 10 Contribute to the improvement of business performance
  • 11 Negotiate in a business environment
  • 12 Develop a presentation
  • 13 Deliver a presentation
  • 14 Create bespoke documents
  • 15 Monitor information systems
  • 16 Evaluate the provision of travel or accommodation
  • 17 Manage an office facility
  • 18 Analyse and present business data

Group C Optional units (Maximum 13 credits)

  • 19 Develop and maintain professional networks
  • 20 Develop and implement an operational plan
  • 21 Encourage learning and development
  • 22 Initiate and implement operational change
  • 23 Develop working relationships with stakeholders
  • 24 Manage physical resources
  • 25 Prepare for support quality audits
  • 26 Conduct quality audits
  • 27 Mange a budget
  • 28 Manage a project
  • 29 Manage a business risk *
  • 30 Manage knowledge in an organisation
  • 31 Recruitment, selection and induction practice
  • 32 Establish business risk management processes *
  • 33 Promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion
  • 34 Design business processes
  • 35 Optimise the use of technology
  • 36 Manage team performance
  • 37 Manage individuals performance
  • 38 Chair and lead meetings
  • 39 Encourage innovation
  • 40 Manage conflict within a team
  • 41 Procure products and/or services
  • 42 Implement and maintain business continuity plans and processes
  • 43 Collaborate with other departments
  • 44 Champion customer service

*Barred combinations – 29 Manage business risk and 32 Establish risk management processes

This qualification is competence based, this means that it is linked to your ability to completely perform a range of tasks connected with your work.

Entry Requirements
How will I be assessed?

Assessments will be carried out on your daily activities using a range of planned assessment methods i.e. observation, discussion and questioning. Delivery will be via workplace visits and independent tasks and activities set remotely by your dedicated assessor.

What can I do next?
For more information

For more information about this course, contact our specialist team on 01254 29 25 00 or email

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