Excel - Introduction

Course Information

  • Course Code: BC972
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Study mode: Part Time

Blackburn College in partnership with Caroline Coleman are pleased to offer you the opportunity attend our new Microsoft Excel courses which will be delivered in 2020 and are ready for booking!  Courses will be delivered on Office 2013 but are also suitable for Office 2010 users. 

What will I study?

This 1-day course is best suited to those who are new to Microsoft Excel and need an introduction to basic functions and usability of the application:


Module 1

  • Tour the window, entering and editing data, range names, autocomplete and autofill, undo and redo, getting help


Module 2

  • Save a workbook, password protection, working with sheets, columns and rows, copy and move data


Module 3

  • text and number formatting, borders and cell styles, functions and formulas, relevant referencing, BODMAS, graphs and charts


Module 4

  • Spell check, headers and footers, page setup, print preview, printing options



Entry Requirements

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they are booking onto the correct level of course based on their current level of understanding of the application.   We would ask that students have basic computer skills and have a good command of English.   Please also note that you will need access (on a desktop computer) to your personal email address during the course so please ensure you have your password with you.




What can I do next?

We also deliver Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, see here:  https://www.blackburn.ac.uk/course-details/BC925/microsoft-office-training


Bespoke Requirements?

We also offer all of the above courses (as well as Word, Outlook and PowerPoint) on a bespoke basis for businesses at dates and times mutually convenient, if this would be of interest please contact me to discuss further and we’ll organise a quotation based on your requirements.

For more information

For more information about this course, contact our specialist team on 01254 29 25 00 or email business@blackburn.ac.uk