Lean Healthcare Overview

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  • Course Code: CHEL038
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Price: £40.00
  • Times: 09:00-17:00
  • Delivery Type: PT

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This e-learning course is aimed at anyone working in the health and social care sector who would like an overview of Lean (it may also be useful to anyone outside of this sector, who would like an introduction to Lean).

What will I study?

The Lean Healthcare Overview is a practical introduction to Lean, the philosophy and the tools. It is the best way to start learning about Lean.

This e-learning course shows how best Lean practice from manufacturing can be applied successfully in primary and secondary care, as well as across wider health and social care communities. It covers the origins of Lean thinking, its development in the healthcare sector and maps out how Lean can be applied to solve current issues.

Virtual College has specialised in lean training for over a decade; and drawing on our experience of lean techniques in manufacturing industry, began work with partners in the NHS. Our specialist NHS lean consultants now work in hospitals across the UK developing best practice.

On completion of this module learners will:

  • Welcome and Learning Objectives
  • Introduction to Lean
  • History and Waste
  • Lean Healthcare
  • Lean Tools
  • Culture Change
  • The Next Step
Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this course.


How will I be assessed?

It is estimated that this module will take approximately 3 hours to complete (depending on learning speed). As an e-learning module you can complete this training in convenient stages and revisit whenever you wish. The system will record your progress throughout.

What can I do next?

We offer a wide range of health and social care e-learning courses, click here for further information. 

For more information

For more information about this course, contact our specialist team on 01254 29 25 00 or email business@blackburn.ac.uk

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