FGM (abuse linked to Faith or Belief)

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  • Course Code: CHEL084
  • Duration: 1 year
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This wide-ranging course covers FGM (female genital mutilation), abuse linked to faith or belief, and forced marriage.

This course help learners to understand the links between these issues, provides information on how to identify vulnerable people, and how to report and act on such knowledge.

This course is specifically designed to help people coming into contact with young people and their families during the course of their work to promote good safeguarding practice, whilst being culturally aware.

The prevalence of FGM, abuse linked to faith or belief, and forced marriage is a very serious problem, and anyone who works with vulnerable adults, children and young people needs to be aware of its indicators and consequences. This course offers information on these various types of abuse in a clear format, using videos and real-life scenarios. 

What will I study?

What’s included in this training? 

This online training courses covers a wide range of topics to give learners in-depth knowledge on FGM, abuse linked to faith or belief and forced marriage, and the signs and symptoms for each. Areas covered in this training include: 

  • Definitions of FGM, its terminology and types, its origin, and the justification for it
  • How it is carried out 
  • Prevalence of FGM and related statistics
  • Legislation relating to issues in these courses 
  • Guidance for practitioners 
  • The definition of child abuse linked to faith or belief, and abuse from spirit possession
  • Definition of honour-based violence and its link to forced marriage 
  • Prevalence and consequences of honour-based violence 
  • Definition of forced marriage 
  • Indications and consequences of forced marriage

Why take this training course? 

Our online training uses immersive real-world scenarios to help learners absorb more information and enable them to apply the techniques and learning into their workplace.

There are challenges within each section of this course to test the knowledge gained throughout the course.

We also provide links to relevant agencies and organisations which supply more information and advice so learners can further develop their knowledge once their training is completed.

This course is suitable for those working with children, young people and adults in safeguarding, teachers, or various volunteer roles.

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