ILM Level 3 - Communication Process in the Workplace

Course Information

  • Course Code: EC113
  • Duration: 2 weeks x 3 hours
  • Price: £165.00
  • Times: 18:00-21:00
  • Delivery Type: PT

Start Dates

  • Wednesday, 11 March 2020

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As the largest awarding body for leadership and management qualifications in the UK, the Institute of Leadership and Management is committed to developing managers at all levels. This qualification has been re-designed in a unit-based format, for the UK and European credit frameworks. 


Why come to Blackburn College?

  • Teacher trained and sector specific qualified tutors
  • Purpose built facilities
  • Small class sizes
  • Renowned for providing an excellent student experience with an emphasis on pastoral care throughout
  • Bespoke hand-outs to enhance learning
  • Excellent library facilities


Benefits of undertaking an ILM Qualification:

  1. Customised qualifications adapted to your/your business needs 
  2. Strong focus on application of knowledge in the workplace. 
  3. Specialist online learning resources
  4. Filling in skills gaps across your organisation (or to enable you to apply for roles)
  5. Free studying membership with the Institute  


This course gives practising or potential first line managers (team leaders or supervisors) the foundation for their formal development in their roles. You’ll develop an understanding of the factors that influence how people behave at work and investigate a range of leadership styles to motivate individuals and monitor performance.  You’ll have the opportunity to look at the importance of planning and delegation and, in the later stages of the course; you’ll develop your knowledge and understanding of how effective communication at work can increase staff motivation and productivity.


The qualification develops management skills and assists participants in gaining the knowledge and skill required by team leaders and supervisors, as well as providing a route to career development. The modules offer opportunities for class discussion and interaction with other course members. All assessment methodologies are work-related and designed to provide individual development and direct organisational benefits.


What will I study?

What will I study?

Topics included on the day will be:

  • The importance of effective communication at work and the effects of poor communication
  • The stages in communication: sender - encoding - transmission - decoding - receiver
  • Possible barriers to communication and methods to overcome them
  • Ways to ensure effective communication in the workplace
  • Different types of communication including oral, written, visual, and electronic and their relative advantages and disadvantages
  • Techniques of face-to-face and indirect communication, and when each is appropriate
  • How to use feedback to check effectiveness of communication
  • The five human senses, and how to use them effectively in the workplace
  • Active listening skills
  • Focused and wide angle observation for data gathering in the workplace
  • Perception and its effects on the interpretation of data
  • Significance of non-verbal communication and body language
Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements but candidates will normally be either practising or aspiring first line managers with the opportunity to meet the assessment requirements. An informal discussion with the Programme Leader is recommended to ensure that the qualification meets individual needs.

How will I be assessed?


What can I do next?
  • ILM Level 3 - Award in Leadership & Management (EVE)
  • ILM Level 3 - Certificate in Leadership & Management
  • ILM Level 3 - Understanding Leadership
  • ILM Level 3 - Understand How To Establish an Effective Team
  • ILM Level 3 - Understanding How To Motivate to Improve Performance
  • ILM Level 3 - Understanding Conflict Management in the Workplace
  • ILM Level 3 - Understanding Innovation & Change in an Organisation
  • ILM Level 3 - Understanding Discipline in the Workplace
  • ILM Level 3 - Understand How to lead Effective Meetings

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For more information

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