AMSPAR - Level 5 - Diploma (or Certificate) in Primary Care & Health Management

Course Information

  • Course Code: EC160
  • Duration: 34 weeks x 6 hours
  • Price: £2710.00
  • Start Date:
  • Days: TUE
  • Times: 09:30-16:00
  • Delivery Type: PT

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The programme has been designed to meet the needs of today’s manager in Primary Care and to cover the main roles and responsibilities of the position.  This programme has been designed for:

    those in post as Primary/Health Care Managers
  • those in post as Deputy/Assistant Primary/Health Care Managers
  • those in post for a minimum of two years within a health or social care setting who will benefit from developing their capability and experience
What will I study?

This qualification has been designed to cover the key areas of knowledge and responsibility common to most Primary Care Managers.  The unique environment of Primary/Health Care presents some particular risk management challenges relating to clinical governance, prescription fraud, workplace health hazards, patients’ rights and data protection. 

Financial management in healthcare requires specialist knowledge regarding the reimbursement of staff and premises costs and the submission of Items of Service claims.

Candidates undertaking this course will gain the knowledge and understanding in the application of management techniques and theories in a health or social care setting.  This will enable them to work well as part of the health care team.  Candidates will also gain an understanding of the services available to the public and legal responsibilities of the Primary/Health Care Manager.


If you didn’t already know, you can start this course at any time by starting any of the modules listed, you can either pay for them separately or pay for the year and then just complete the rest, next academic year!  Please note that those paying modularly will not havr the option to take out 24+ loan funding.


16/17 units available to start (and continue thereafter onto 17/18 units) are:

Unit No.  Unit Title Dates Fee
602 Financial Management and Budgeting  21.03.17 – 25.04.17 £380
603 Managing Information and Communication  02.05.17 – 23.05.17 £380
605 Developing or Improving Services in a Primary Care or Health Environment 13.12.16 / 10.01.17 / 06.06.17 – 04.07.17 £530


Units available in 2017/18 are:







Managing Medical Ethics & Legal Requirements





Managing For Efficiency & Effectiveness





Developing & Leading Teams to Achieve Org Goals/Objectives





Managing Recruitment





Financial Management & Budgeting





Managing Information & Communication





Developing or Improving Services (Diploma only)




24+ loan payments are not eligible on module only bookings.



Entry Requirements

To attend on this course, candidates must have a minimum of two years experience within a health, or social care setting.

How will I be assessed?

To get the most from the course you should aim to be at all the class sessions. If this isn’t possible due to work commitments or for personal reasons, you will find some material on Moodle, or there is a buddy system and your buddy should have collected material for you.  In addition to class work, you should develop your knowledge and skills by aiming to relate what is happening on the course with workplace practice.  Aim to set aside 4-5 hours per week to use to consolidate the material from the course, read widely around the subject and also work on the assignment activities.

What can I do next?

AMSPAR Membership:


    When you join the course you will be given details of how to join the Association -
  • Any person who holds any AMSPAR Diploma is eligible for admission as a Full Member of the Association
  • Any person who has obtained an AMSPAR Certificate is eligible for admission as an Associate Member of the Association
  • Successful completion and achievement of the Diploma allows use of post-nominals Dip.PCHM


Many students already working in a General Practice or the NHS have used this qualification successfully to enhance their promotion prospects and many have been promoted into Primary/Health Care Management positions and/or progressed to further study


The above course options are also available for 24+ loan funding.  The maximum value of the loan is £724 and therefore you’d be expected to pay the remainder of our course fees upon booking (fee subject to change).  For the Diploma this would be £1,986 and for the Certificate this would be £1,456 (instalment options are available).  Contact us for more information:  01254 292500.

For more information

For more information about this course, contact our specialist team on 01254 29 25 00 or email

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