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CIM Level 4 - Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing

Course Information

  • Course Code: EC395
  • Duration: 34 weeks x 3.5 hours
  • Price: £1980.00
  • Times: 17:30-21:00
  • Delivery Type: PT

Start Dates

  • Tuesday, 08 September 2020

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The Chartered institute of Marketing (CIM) has been representing its members and the industry for over 100 years.  A Royal Charter was granted by Her Majesty the Queen in 1989 and the governing principles remain as relevant today as when first set out by Royal Charter:  “…to promote and develop the art and science of marketing and to encourage, advance and disseminate knowledge, education and practical training in and research into the art and science

CIM strongly believes that high standards of quality and integrity are vital to the success of the marketing profession so maintaining, developing and setting standards with the industry is a key part of CIM’s work.  The Professional Marketing Standards were developed and released in 2006 by CIM and have recently undergone further review following extensive research with employers and leading academics. The 2014 release of the Professional Marketing Standards clearly show the competencies expected of marketing professionals at each stage of their career and are designed to guide both marketers and their employers to assess a level of proficiency and training needs.

As the world’s largest organisation for professional marketers, CIM has a global reputation as a centre of excellence and its qualifications are recognised worldwide.


Why come to Blackburn College?

  • Teacher trained and sector specific qualified tutors
  • Purpose built facilities
  • Small class sizes
  • Renowned for providing an excellent student experience with an emphasis on pastoral care throughout
  • Bespoke hand-outs to enhance learning
  • Excellent library facilities


Who's the course for?

The CIM Level 4 Certificate in Digital Professional Marketing is aimed at Marketing executives, or equivalent, who have had experience in the industry and are looking to advance their career.  

What will I study?


Mandatory Module:  Applied Marketing

In this module, you will learn about the role of marketing in the organisation and the key concepts that underpin the activities of the marketer. You will explore the marketing environment, customer behaviour in the digital age, market research and the marketing planning process. This will include the marketing mix and a tactical planning framework to aid marketing effectiveness.

The module consists of the following:

Unit 1: The Marketing Concept

  • Understand the contribution of marketing to the organisation
  • Know what influences customer behaviour across a range of contexts

Unit 2: Analysis and Insight

  • Understand the factors and trends in the marketing environment and how they affect marketing
  • Know a range of options for gathering relevant marketing information

Unit 3: Marketing Mix

  • Understand the application of the marketing mix within the different marketing contexts.
  • Know how to apply and adapt the marketing mix to satisfy customer needs and business goals.

Assessment:  Examination - The examination will comprise of multiple-choice questions to be completed in a controlled assessment.


Mandatory Module:  Planning Campaigns

This module gives you the knowledge and skills to plan and implement successful campaigns that deliver real results for an organisation. You will learn the campaign planning process including how to analyse an organisation’s current position. You will also learn how to set campaign objectives, implement a campaign then measure and evaluate its success to aid continuous improvement in the fast-changing world of marketing.

Units included are:

Unit 1: Campaign process

  • Understand the process of planning a campaign
  • Know how to undertake an internal and external situational analysis

Unit 2: Planning campaigns in action

  • Know how to develop a successful campaign plan
  • Understand how to implement a plan in practice

Unit 3: Campaign success

  • Understand the principles of monitoring a marketing campaign
  • Know how to undertake a post campaign evaluation.


Assessment:  Assignment, based on a given theme and an organisation of choice.


Elective Module for 20/21:    Digital Marketing Techniques

This module focuses on the importance of the ever-evolving, dynamic digital landscape. You will develop skills to improve digital marketing performance and explore the challenges and opportunities within the digital environment. You will also use a range of tools to plan how to enhance an organisation’s effectiveness in the digital age.


Unit 1: Digital techniques

  • Understand digital marketing tools and techniques
  • Assess different applications of digital marketing

Unit 2: Digital enhancement

  • Know how to integrate digital and offline marketing
  • Understand approaches to enhancing stakeholder engagement

Unit 3: Digital management

  • Know how to develop a digital marketing plan
  • Apply and adapt digital marketing analysis.


Assessment: Portfolio/assignment - The assessment will require submission of a portfolio/assignment based on a theme and an organisation of choice.


Entry Requirements

One or more of the following is required to gain entry onto this qualification:

  • CIM Level 3 Introductory Certificate in Marketing qualification or CIM Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Marketing or CIM Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing or CIM Level 3.
  • Any relevant Level 3 qualification.
  • Any UK Degree or International equivalent.
  • International Baccalaureate (equivalent to NQF Level 3 and above).
  • Professional practice (suggested one year in a marketing role) and diagnostic assessment (see below) onto Level 4.

If English is not your first language, you will also need to provide evidence of achieving one of the following English Language qualifications within the last two years: IELTS Academic Module with overall score of 6.5 (each component pass mark must be 6.0 or above) or Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English grade B or above. CIM will consider other equivalent alternatives.

It is evident from our knowledge of the student journey that entering at the wrong level creates a completely different learning experience which can influence others.  It is vitally important that we enter you at the right level.

In order to facilitate your learning and provide you with the relevant entry level, The Chartered Institute of Marketing have developed an online diagnostic test to identify the appropriate qualification you should be studying for.  The link you need is: You will be asked for a name and group.   Put your own name in the name section and CIM in the group area.   Once completed and confirmed, please send us a copy of your result (a screenshot will suffice). 


How will I be assessed?

Mandatory Module:  Applied Marketing:  Examination - The examination will comprise of multiple-choice questions to be completed in a controlled assessment.

Mandatory Module:  Planning Campaigns:  Assignment, based on a given theme and an organisation of choice.

Elective Module for 20/21:    Digital Marketing Techniques:  Portfolio/assignment - The assessment will require submission of a portfolio/assignment based on a theme and an organisation of choice.


What can I do next?
For more information

For more information about this course, contact our specialist team on 01254 29 25 00 or email

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