C# Programming (c-sharp)

Course Information

  • Course Code: EC418
  • Duration: 10 weeks x 2 hours
  • Price: £350.00


This course teaches people with little or no programming experience how to write computer programs using the C# programming language and the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.

The course covers programming basics including sequences, conditional statements and iteration before moving onto more advanced programming constructs. Students are encouraged to develop their problem solving skills by developing programs to solve a series of commonly faced programming problems.

What will I study?

The syllabus includes:

  • The basics of the C# programming language
  • Data types, variables and constants
  • Program sequence
  • Conditional statements (If, else, else if, switch)
  • Iteration (For Loops)
  • Further loops (While, Do While, Nested Loops)
  • Problem solving and Program Design
  • Arrays
  • Vectors (Dynamic Arrays)
  • File handling (Reading from and Writing to files)

Entry Requirements

Good basic use of computers/navigating screens etc in Microsoft Windows.

For more information

For more information about this course, contact our specialist team on 01254 29 25 00 or email business@blackburn.ac.uk