This course is validated by: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

CIPD Level 5 - Associate Diploma in People Management *Subject to Approval*

Course Information

  • Course Code: EC674
  • Duration: 35 weeks x 7 hours
  • Validated by: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Study mode: Part Time
  • Price: £2290.00

Start Dates

  • Tuesday, 01 March 2022
  • Wednesday, 02 March 2022


The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the awarding body of this Associate Diploma in People Management, has developed the range of HR Professional qualifications following extensive consultation with industry to ensure that their programmes are up-to-date and relevant to the People Practice (HR) practitioner.

This programme, set at Level 5, is designed to give a comprehensive grounding in the main skills and knowledge used by line managers and people practice practitioners when managing employees and dealing with the associated human resource management problems. The emphasis is on thinking managerially and how people practice contributes to the success of organisational practice, preparing you for a role as a HR Business Partner or similar.






What will I study?

Our Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Level 5 programmes are predominantly taught and delivered in the classroom, but also include some options to be taught online using Microsoft Teams.  The programmes normally run in one academic year Sept – June, but there is also an option to complete the course over a longer period. Assessment is normally completed through written assignments.  To gain your CIPD Diploma qualifications you will complete the following units:


Organisational performance and culture in practice (5CO01) - The unit examines the connection between organisational structure and the wider world of work in a commercial context.  It highlights the factors and trends, including the digital environment, that impact on business strategy and workforce planning, recognising the influence of culture, employee well-being and behaviour in delivering change and organisational performance.


Evidence-based practice (5CO02) - This unit addresses the significance of capturing robust quantitative and qualitative evidence to inform meaningful insight to influence critical thinking.  It focuses on analysing evidence through an ethical lens to improve decision making and how measuring the impact of people practice is essential in creating value.


Professional Behaviours and Valuing People - This unit focuses on how applying core professional behaviours such as ethical practice, courage and inclusivity can build positive working relationships and support employee voice and well-being.  It considers how developing and mastering new professional behaviours and practice can impact performance.


Employment relationship Management (5HR01) - This unit examines the key approaches, practices and tools to manage and enhance the employee relationship to create better working lives and the significant impact this can have on organisational performance.


Talent management and workforce planning (5HR02) - This unit focuses on the impact of effective workforce planning in considering the development of diverse talent pools and how to contract and onboard the workforce.  It also includes analysis of the potential cost to the organisation if this is poorly managed and the tools and interventions to mitigate this risk.


Reward for performance and contribution ( 5HR03) - The unit focuses on how internal and external business factors influence reward strategies and policies, the financial drivers of the organisation and the impact of reward costs.  It considers the importance of the role of people practice in supporting managers to make robust and professional reward judgements and the impact of rewarding performance.


Specialist Employment law (5OS01) - This unit considers key areas of employment legislation and its legal framework, focusing on how people professionals are obliged to take account of legal requirements in different jurisdictions when carrying out the varied aspects of their role.


Why come to Blackburn College?

  • We are a CIPD Approved Centre and provide teaching on the national CIPD scheme, with CIPD awarded qualifications, that mean you have international portability and recognition of your attainment and qualification once completed
  • Teacher-trained and CIPD qualified teaching staff who have worked in industry and commerce and have obtained high levels of academic achievement themselves and we have a proven track record of quality teaching and student achievement 
  • Purpose-built Higher Education facilities with right-sized classes that will enable you to feel comfortable and supported in your learning 
  • We are rated in the highest banding of quality assurance by the CIPD that expresses their confidence in our teaching and administration of the programme 
  • Pastoral student support from tutors and other support staff for those times when you may need a little more help 
  • Online virtual learning environment, based upon the Moodle platform, to support the CIPD website resources, for all year-round study support and resources 
  • Student Membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development gives you exclusive member-only access to resources, connections and the support you need to make a difference. You will have access to the latest HR and Learning and Development resources, development tools and networking opportunities. CIPD membership keeps you informed, supported and connected throughout your career


Advanced Learner Loan - the course is also eligible for Advanced Learner Loan funding.  Details available at This option is NOT available if your employer is funding the programme. The loan values and payments required to College are:  £724.00 loan funded and £1,566 payable to college (SUBJECT TO CHANGE EACH ACADEMIC YEAR)

Entry Requirements

You would normally have a CIPD Level 3 qualification, A Levels, a relevant equivalent qualification or relevant work experience, possibly in HR or as a line manager/team leader or supervisor with staff responsibilities.


If you have not completed Level 3 with us, The first part of the application process is to submit your up-to-date Curriculum Vitae by email to  The Programme Director cannot consider your application until this is received (if you have already done this already for this level and been accepted, you may ignore this part of the process).   You may then be either offered a place or be invited in for interview (or interviewed by telephone) to decide if this is the most appropriate course for you.   No monies will be taken until you have been awarded a place on the course.  Further joining details will be provided, once the initial decision has been taken.   

How will I be assessed?

A range of assessment methods will be used such as assignments, group work, reflective logs and reports.  There are currently no examinations at Level 5.


You'll find useful information about CIPD and insights into their programmes here:, YouTube Channel at this link: or on Facebook

What can I do next?

CIPD Level 7

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