Chartered Institute of Housing Certificate in Housing Practice Level 2

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  • Course Code: HS461
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Price: £525

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The Chartered Institute of Housing – Certificate in Housing Practice course comprises four modules which are delivered in regular workshop sessions – arranged to meet the requirements of each organisation (these dates and sessions are agreed with each organisation prior to the course starting).

These can be delivered either in the workplace, or in the College: arranged to meet the needs and requirements of each organisation.

These sessions cover the underpinning knowledge needed to complete the Certificate.
This Certificate can be linked with the QCF Level 2 & Housing Certificate

& How are the sessions delivered?

    Course materials in the way of module booklets and handouts are issued at the start of each unit.
  • Candidates are expected to complete some research themselves in order to benefit fully from the course.
  • The sessions are usually delivered in a structured, but informal way, with candidates being expected to contribute to discussions around each topic within the unit.
  • Candidates are encouraged to participate in these discussions, in order to share their own knowledge and awareness of housing issues with others within the group, whilst learning from others themselves.
  • Candidates are encouraged to relate their learning back to their working environment / organisation, in order to make it more meaningful to them
    To provide learners with a basic understanding of the housing environment
  • To introduce some of the skills and knowledge necessary to participates in housing related activities (either paid or voluntary)
  • To prepare learners for future study.

Who should do this course?

    People who are new to housing, as part of an organisational induction process, or front line staff who want to improve their general awareness of housing issues
  • People working in housing who wish to attain an initial qualification in housing
  • People not currently working in housing but considering a housing position as a career option
  • Tenants and residents wishing to explore housing issues to enhance their personal involvement and understanding of housing issues

Who can tell me more?

Programme Manager, Carol Taylor Tel 01254 292485

Course Tutors,& Liz Walker Tel 0254 292469 or Karen Lowde Tel 01254 292469.

What will I study?

Housing Provision and Housing Organisations

This unit enables candidates to understand what housing is; to consider the different types of housing organisations and the range of services that they offer to their customers.

Learning outcomes:

    Understand the different types of housing provision
  • Understand the relationship between tenant and landlord
  • To recognise the range of housing organisations operating in the UK
  • Understand the range of services housing organisations offer and how/why they offer them

Customer Care and Communication Skills

This unit requires candidates to demonstrate the ability to communicate using different media. Candidates are also required to demonstrate an awareness of the needs of different audiences

Learning outcomes:

    Understand the diverse range and needs of customers and the principles of equality and diversity
  • Communicate effectively in oral and written format
  • Deal with difficult situations

Careers and Opportunities in Housing

This unit requires candidates to recognise the different roles that there are within a housing context and the skills needed to fulfil them. Candidates are also required to identify opportunities for personal development within the housing sector.

Learning outcomes:

    Recognise a range of paid and voluntary opportunities in the housing sector
  • Appreciate the skills and knowledge necessary for roles within the housing sector
  • Develop an awareness of potential education, training and development opportunities within the housing sector.

Developing Skills for Working in Housing

This unit requires candidates to understand housing related activities, the skills they will need to carry them out and an understanding of how they can gain these skills in the future.

Learning outcomes:

    Understand some of the tasks to be carried out within a housing context
  • Display skills necessary for working within a housing organisation
  • Identify areas for further personal development.
Entry Requirements

No academic entry requirements. Admission is by interview and individual guidance will be given in relation to ensuring it is the right level and award.

How will I be assessed?

In order to successfully complete the course, candidates are required to complete one written assignment from each of the four modules; the final assignment is set by the Chartered Institute of Housing; all four assignments need to be completed successfully to achieve the full award.

What can I do next?

Candidates may progress to Level 3 Certificate in Housing Practice, and QCF Level 3 Housing.

For more information

For more information about this course, contact our specialist team on 01254 29 25 00 or email

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