A-Level Chemistry

Course Information

  • Course Code: 7882-Y1
  • Duration: 2 academic years
  • Study mode: Full Time


Chemistry has overwhelmingly improved our quality of life. Pharmaceuticals, textiles, semiconductors, composites, healthcare products, detergents and personal care products are some examples without which our lives would be radically different. A-Level Chemistry is taught via a stimulating combination of lessons, practicals and self-study exercises.


What will I study?

In the first year, you will look at foundations of chemistry; which included atomic structure and bonding. Other modules include the periodic table, energy and organic chemistry. In addition to this you will develop your practical skills. Parts of these practical skills are set by the exam board and will always complement the theory taught.

In the second year you will study the above and physical chemistry, transition elements and some spectroscopic analysis. You will further develop your practical skills, some of which form part of the practical endorsement that will appear on your certificate.

Entry Requirements

You will need 4 GCSEs at grade 5 or above, with at least a grade 4 in GCSE English Language. Please note that you will need a grade 5 in Core and Additional Science and Maths. Alternatively, a grade 5 in Chemistry, one other Science subject and Maths.

How will I be assessed?

A-Level Chemistry is externally assessed at the end the two years of study, via three exams. Two of which are 2 hours and 15 mins and each contribute 37% of the final grade. The third exam is 1 hour and 30 mins and contributes the final 26% of the grade. 

Reported separately as a pass or fail is an endorsment of your practical skills.

What can I do next?

It is likely that you will want to go onto further study at university. An A-Level in Chemistry could help you to get a place on a wide variety of science based degree courses. Chemistry is essential for medicine, pharmacy and environmental science but it is also a well-respected subject in its own right and suitable for entry into a wide range of professions. Alternatively, it may help you straight into the world of work or some work based further training.


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Career Options

Doctor - GP

General practitioners (GPs) provide medical care for patients in the community. They diagnose and treat illness, disease and infection.

To become a GP, you will need to complete a five-year degree course in medicine and a two-year foundation programme of general training. You will also need specialist training in general practice which will take three years.

A GP needs to have a genuine desire to help people and a sense of responsibility. They need to be able to put people at ease, and gain their trust and confidence. They also need to be able to work under pressure and make quick decisions. If you have these skills, as well as a strong academic ability in science, then a career as a GP could be ideal for you.?

Job Opportunites in Lancashire


Pharmacologists study the effects of drugs and other chemical substances on cells, animals, humans and the environment. As a pharmacologist you would carry out research to discover and develop new drugs and medicines, and to make sure they are used safely.

If you are good at science and maths, and you can be creative and innovative, this could be the job for you. You will need to be good at solving problems and be accurate when recording and analysing data.

To get into this career, you will need a degree in science. Your degree will ideally be in pharmacology, although a degree in biochemistry, physiology, or neuroscience may also be accepted.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Environmental Health Officer

Environmental health officers make sure that people's living and working surroundings are safe, healthy and hygienic. They work in both the private and public sectors. If you like variety and responsibility this job could be just what you are looking for.

To do this job you will need good spoken and written skills. You will need good people skills, for dealing with people from all backgrounds. You will also need a good level of scientific understanding.

To start in this job you will have to complete an environmental health degree or postgraduate degree. Then you must pass a series of professional exams.

Environmental health officers can also be known as environmental health practitioners (EHPs).

Job Opportunites in Lancashire


Pharmacists provide expert advice on the use and supply of drugs and medicines. As a pharmacist your work would include checking prescriptions, dispensing medicines and making sure that laws controlling medicines are followed.

If you are interested in science and healthcare, this career could be for you. To do this job you will need a high level of scientific understanding and ability. You will also need to be responsible and security-conscious.

Before you can work as a pharmacist, you will need to complete a five-year programme of education and training. This includes a four-year Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) degree and a one-year pre-registration training course in a pharmacy.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Pharmacy Technician

As a pharmacy technician, you would work under the supervision of a qualified pharmacist, preparing and supplying items of medicine that make up a prescription. You would be based in a community or hospital pharmacy.

If you're interested in science and medicine, and you have strong skills in maths, this job might suit you. You also need to be a good communicator and be able to work in an organised, methodical way.

To start as a trainee pharmacy technician you will usually need four GCSEs (A-C) including science, maths and English. You could also get into this job by getting experience as a pharmacy assistant or through an Apprenticeship scheme.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Emergency Medical Dispatcher

If you can work quickly and calmly under pressure, and you want a job where you are helping to save lives, then this job might be for you.

As an emergency medical dispatcher, you would answer calls from the public and GPs requesting ambulance assistance. You would then send the nearest ambulance to the scene as quickly as possible.

In this role you will need to be able to process information accurately. You will also need to be a good problem solver and have a responsible attitude.

To get into this job most employers will expect you to have GCSEs in subjects like English, maths and science, as well as good computer and keyboard skills.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

University Plus

For all students looking to progress to university after completing their studies in The Sixth Form, we have introduced a University Plus programme. This includes university interview techniques, the opportunity to take part in an extended project, pre-degree courses in Business, Medicine and Teaching, and an excellent partnership with the UK top 10 Lancaster University, who guarantee interviews for students who meet the entry criteria on their course.

All these options, paired with tutorial activities, could give you an additional 180 UCAS points, giving you the best opportunity to achieve your place at your first choice university and your dream degree.

Academic Study Programme

Our study programme is set to help our students get the most out of their time at Blackburn Sixth Form. Alongside an outstanding education, students will also receive:

  • an A-Level qualification
  • Employability skills
  • Enrichment activities
  • Performance and study skills

Blackburn Sixth Form

Offering our students an academic environment for studying, Blackburn Sixth Form is an excellent location for those looking to excel in their A-Level studies. You have access to:

  • Large Lecture Theatre - built to enable students to get used to university-style learning
  • Common Rooms - a great place for students to enjoy downtime, catch up with friends or hold small revision sessions
  • Industry-standard laboratories - 4 professional laboratories set up for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our laboratories have helped microbiologists, doctors, pharmacists and veterinary surgeons get into their chosen careers
  • Starbucks - attached to the Sixth Form Centre is Courtyard Cafe, one of three Starbucks Cafes on campus that serve the famous coffee, and at 40% cheaper than the high street.

Sixth Form Guarantee

As a Blackburn Sixth Form student, you can expect:

  • Independent thinking - where your own experiences and observations mould your education.
  • Enrichment activities - that enable you to receive a great education, as well as having fun whilst doing so.
  • Support - a vast amount of support from all staff to ensure you get the results you deserve.
  • A learning environment that is academic, friendly and safe.