Auto Electrical Installation Apprenticeship (Level 2 Intermediate and Level 3 Advanced)

Course Information

  • Course Code: TA350C
  • Duration: 2 academic years
  • Validated by: The Institute of the Motor Industry

There is a constant demand for skilled personnel in the motor vehicle industry to repair and service all types of vehicles. Continuing advancement in vehicle technology means that technicians have to possess up to date technological skills, good practical skills, problem-solving skills as well as be able to read electrical wiring plans.

If you are aged 16-24, and you don't think you have the necessary 'work-ready' skills, we also offer Traineeships. Our 8 week courses provide the essential work preparation training, English, maths and work experience needed to secure your place on an Apprenticeship. More information can be found here

What will I study?

Selection of units from the Auto Electrical Apprenticeship:

  • Fitting in-car entertainment systems
  • Diagnosing and rectifying engine management faults
  • Diagnosing and rectifying ABS faults
Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements to study an Apprenticeship at Blackburn College. You will have an initial assessment when you come in for an interview, and this will show the level of English and maths qualifications, known as functional skills, that you will study alongside your apprenticeship.

Blackburn College will work with applicants to help find a suitable employer where possible. However we always advise anyone looking to undertake an apprenticeship to be actively seeking employment for themselves too.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed in one or more of the following ways:

  • Course work
  • Oral questioning
  • Portfolio of evidence
  • Practical assessments
  • Online tests
What can I do next?

The Intermediate Apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to progress onto an Advanced Apprenticeship. On completion of the Advanced Apprenticeship you could continue to work in the industry in order to develop your technical knowledge and skills.

Auto Electrical Apprentices will be competent to work as an Auto Electrical Diagnostic Technician or Mobile Electrical Specialist.

Further learning could lead on to Higher Education (HE) programmes such as MEng and BEng programmes in Automotive.

Your Study Programme

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Career Options

Motor Vehicle Body Repairer

  • £
    + starting salary
  • 30-40 hours per week

If you can pay close attention to detail and you would like a practical job working with vehicles, this job could be for you.

As a motor vehicle body repairer, you would fix or replace damaged body parts on all types of vehicles.

In this job you would need to be good at practical work, and be able to use a range of tools. You would also need to reasonably fit and able to follow instructions.

You could get into this job through an Apprenticeship scheme or by doing a college course. You can also move into this work if you have a background in vehicle mechanics.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Motor Vehicle Breakdown Engineer

  • £
    + starting salary
  • Variable hours per week

Motor vehicle breakdown engineers, also known as roadside recovery or assistance technicians, help people whose vehicles have broken down or failed to start. If you are interested in how vehicles work and like fixing things, this job could be ideal for you.

To do this job well, you would need a keen interest in motor mechanics, good people skills and the ability to explain technical issues in a clear way.

To become a breakdown engineer, you would normally need experience and qualifications in motor vehicle maintenance and repair. A driving licence is also essential.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Motor Vehicle Fitter

  • £
    + starting salary
  • Variable hours per week

If you've got practical skills and can work well in a team, this job could suit you well.

Motor vehicle fitters, also known as fast-fit technicians, repair and replace worn or damaged tyres, exhausts, batteries and parts. Fitters normally work in fast-fit centres or workshops alongside motor vehicle technicians, fixing vehicles while the customer waits.

To do this job you will need to have good customer service skills and also number skills to work out costs.

Completing an Apprenticeship scheme is a common route into this job. Alternatively, there are college courses in vehicle fitting you can do that could help you develop some of the skills you would need.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Motor Vehicle Technician

  • £
    + starting salary
  • 40 hours per week

If you love cars and enjoy fixing things, this could be a great career for you.

Motor vehicle technicians repair and service cars, vans, motorbikes, lorries and coaches. They work on all vehicle mechanics and electrics, from engines and exhaust systems to air-conditioning and security.

The most common way to become a motor vehicle technician is through an apprenticeship in vehicle mechanics. To get onto a scheme, you may need GCSEs in maths, English and science. Another way is to take an automotive course at college to learn some of the skills needed for the job.

To become a motor vehicle technician you will need to have strong practical skills. You’ll need to be good at problem-solving and finding faults. And you’ll also need to be a good with people and have great customer service skills.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Future income

Newly qualified staff can earn between £14,500 and £17,500.

Experienced auto electricians can earn between £18,500 and £26,000 a year.

Figures are intended as a guideline only.



If you are aged 16-24, and you don't think you have the necessary 'work-ready' skills, we also offer Traineeships. Our 8 week courses provide the essential work preparation training, English, maths and work experience needed to secure your place on an Apprenticeship. More information can be found here

Additional Apprenticeship Information

Apprentices should work for at least 30 hours per week and an Apprenticeship takes between one and five years* to complete, depending upon the level of Apprenticeship and the industry sector. Most of the training is delivered in the workplace, so you will learn the skills you need to do the job well. The rest of the training is given by Blackburn College, either at the workplace, in College or via e-learning. The training is specifically tailored to ensure you develop the skills the employer wants, giving apprentices a real advantage in the workplace.

This means that apprentices not only have better long term salary prospects, but they also have excellent progression opportunities, whether looking to study further or climb the ranks within the workplace.