Catering and Food Profession Entry Level

Course Information

  • Course Code: FS011
  • Duration: 1 academic year
  • Validated by: City and Guilds
  • Study mode: Full Time

If you want to enter the catering and food profession but do not have any prior experience, this course is ideal for you.

It will provide you with a great introduction to a wide range of study topics from basic food preparation and cooking to preparing and serving drinks.

You will gain experience of working in a professional kitchen working with your entry level classmates and the level 1 students so that you gain an understanding of the expectations of the level 1 students.  Upon success completion of the entry level you will be able to progress onto level 1.

In addition to working within our professional kitchen you will gain experience working at the College's restaurant Scholars, helping to prepare drinks and supporting the service areas.

You will also gain experience within the fields of bakery, pastry, food preparation and how to use kitchen equipment.

During the course you will visit King George's Hall to gain a behind the scenes view of a commercial establishment.  You will also visit the local Fire Station to develop an understanding of team working and Health & Safety.

You will be taught by highly experienced tutors who have a wealth of experience having worked in the most prestigious restaurants across the UK including St Mellion International Resort in Cornwall and Gleneagles, the world renown hotel group.


What will I study?

Throughout the year, you will study:-

  • Food service
  • Introduction to healthy eating
  • Basic food preparation and cooking
  • Preparing and serving drinks
  • Front office operations
  • Using kitchen equipment
  • Guest services in the hospitality industry.

Gain experience working within the College restaurant, Scholars and our professional kitchen.

You will take part in visits to King George's Hall to gain a view of a commercial establishment and visit the local Fire Station to gain an understanding of the importance of Health & Safety within the kitchen environment.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal requirements for this course, other than a passion for food.

You will need to attend an interview.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed by multiple choice examinations and practical demonstrations.

What can I do next?

When you have completed this qualification you will be able to progress to the following:

Catering and Food Profession Level 1


Your Study Programme

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Career Options

Mobile Catering Assistant

  • £
    + starting salary
  • 37-40 hours per week

As a mobile catering assistant or street food trader, you will serve customers hot and cold drinks, and food and snacks from a stall, cart or van.

If you are interested in working with food and you enjoy travelling and meeting people, then this job could be for you. You’ll need to be physically fit as you’ll be on your feet for most of your shift, and you’ll also need to work well under pressure.

Most mobile catering assistants come into the role with some previous catering or retail experience, although this is not essential. It may also help if you have a basic food hygiene qualification.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Catering Manager

  • £
    + starting salary
  • Variable hours per week

Catering managers (also known as food service managers) work with chefs and catering assistants to plan and organise the food and drink service of an organisation or business. As a catering manager, you would make sure that the quality of the food is of a high standard. You would also be responsible for meeting financial targets.

To do this job, you will need to be able to lead and manage staff. You will also need strong customer service skills, and be comfortable working with figures. If you are passionate about food, and want a varied working environment, then this role could suit you well.

To apply for a trainee manager job, you will usually need a good standard of general education, and some relevant experience.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Hotel Manager

  • £
    + starting salary
  • Variable hours per week

As a hotel manager you will oversee all aspects of running a hotel, from housekeeping and general maintenance to budget management and marketing. If you enjoy working with people in a very busy environment then hotel work may offer the opportunities you’re looking for.

You’ll need a good eye for detail and have strong business and communication skills. You’ll also need the ability to think on your feet and have a sensitive and diplomatic approach to problem solving.

You may get into this job by starting in a junior position and working your way up to management by gaining experience. Alternatively, you can work towards a qualification like a foundation degree, HND or degree and enter as trainee hotel manager. You may also be able to get into this job through an apprenticeship.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire


  • £
    + starting salary
  • 30-40 hours per week

Chefs prepare food using a variety of cooking methods. In large kitchens they usually work as part of a team. The head chef runs the entire kitchen.

You will need to have a keen interest in food and cooking, and be able to do several tasks at once. You’ll be able to show off your creative side by presenting dishes in imaginative ways.

If you love food and really enjoy cooking, this could be the perfect career for you.

You may not need any academic qualifications to start work as a trainee chef, although it may help if you have a good general standard of education including GCSEs in subjects like English and maths.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Kitchen Manager (head Chef)

  • £
    + starting salary
  • Variable hours per week

As a kitchen manager or head chef, you would use your knowledge and experience of professional cooking to lead a team of staff and efficiently run a kitchen.

In this job you will need good leadership skills. You will need to work quickly and calmly when under pressure. You will also need to control a budget. If you are interested in food and you can lead a team in an organised way, this job could be perfect for you.

To get into this job you will need experience in a professional kitchen, running your own section. You can work your way up from kitchen assistant to trainee chef, then section chef and manager/head chef. You may also be able to get into this job through an Apprenticeship scheme.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Events Manager

  • £
    + starting salary
  • 30-40 hours per week

If you enjoy planning, organising and meeting people, this could be just what you are looking for. Events managers are responsible for organising and running all kinds of events. You would control the whole project, from planning at the start to running the event on the day.

Taking a qualification in events management may help you but it’s not essential if you can get relevant work experience.

To become an events manager, you will need to have good communication and 'people' skills. You will need to be good at problem-solving. You will also need to have lots of determination and a positive attitude.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Bar Person

  • £
    + starting salary
  • Variable hours per week

Bar staff serve drinks in places like pubs, clubs and wine bars. They also serve drinks in hotels. In this work you will serve a wide variety of different people each day. If you enjoy meeting people and have an outgoing personality, becoming a bar person could be the right choice for you.

To be a bar person, you need to have good communication skills. You need to be able to take and remember orders. You also will need patience when dealing with demanding customers.

For this role employers don’t tend to look for specific qualifications or training. They are often looking instead for the right personality and/or experience.??

Job Opportunites in Lancashire


  • £
    + starting salary
  • 35-40 hours per week

Baristas make and serve coffee in cafes, coffee shop chains, restaurants and hotels. As a barista you will use a coffee machine to produce espresso coffee and make it into lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos. You will also serve light meals and snacks.

To get into this work, you need good customer service skills and the ability to work well on your own and in a team. If you enjoy working in a fast paced environment, and you love the smell of fresh coffee, this job could be for you.

It may help you to find work if you have some GCSEs. Work experience in a related area like customer service, retail or catering, will also help to set you apart from the competition. You may be able to enter this role through an Apprenticeship scheme if there is one available locally.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire


The catering and hospitality department are based in the Elizabeth Building and have practical training rooms for professional chefs, pastry chefs and bakers. We also have a real production kitchen that provides meals for Scholars restaurant and Café Central, which are staffed by students and open to the public on a daily basis.

Enrichment & Employability

We have a list of reputable local employers who we work closely with, including Blackburn Rovers FC, Northcote Manor, Mytton Fold Hotel and The Millstone at Mellor, where students are involved in match day and corporate hospitality events. A number of our students also work alongside enterpreneurs at the local market, learning how to develop their own business, and some have carried out workshops with The Wellbeing Farm to learn about food provenance and sustainability.

Students are encouraged to learn additional skills alongside their course such as healthy eating, knife skills, creating with sugar and take part in master-classes in Indian cuisine and cookery.

Many of our students also take part in local and national competitions such the ‘Young Chef of the Year’, ‘Let’s Go British’ and ‘North West Commis Chef of the Year’, which not only enhances your skills and competitiveness, but your attractiveness to employers in the future.

Blackburn College has brought many well-known chefs into the limelight – our renowned ex-students include:

  • Steve Smith, Head Chef, The Freemasons
  • Nigel Smith, TV chef, Restaurateur, Consultant
  • Jonathon Sharpe, Global Quality Assurance Director, Hilton Hotels
  • Peter Gardiner, General Manager Calder stones NHS hospital