Public Services Level 1

Course Information

  • Course Code: HS041
  • Duration: 1 academic year
  • Validated by: EDEXCEL
  • Study mode: Full Time


This Level 1 Public Service course is suitable for anyone who is considering a career in the Public Services.  You will benefit from practical sessions and learn the fundamental skills required for anyone working in this disciplined environment.

This Level 1 course will prepare you for a career in Public Services, giving you the confidence, key skills and insights into the Services Sector.

The course provides you with the ability to contribute to the local community and develop your organisational skills.  You will  get to experience a behind the scenes view of the Fire Service, plus an understanding of the skills required to join the Police and how to maintain your fitness.

What will I study?

This course involves successfully completing a range of units which include:-

  • Fitness testing
  • Develop the organisational skills required to join the Public Services.
  • Develop the employment skills required to join the Public Services.
  • Contributing / volunteering within your local community
  • Experience trips to Fire Station
  • Safe drive / Stay alive driving programme
  • Maths & English*

*If you have not achieved a Grade 4/C or above in your Maths and English language GCSEs you will be required to work towards a GCSE Grade 4/C as part of your Study Programme.

Entry Requirements

3 GCSEs at Grade E/2.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment will be by successfully completing written assignments and participation in classroom based activities and outdoor activities.

What can I do next?

You could use this qualification as a stepping stone to Public Services (Uniformed or Non-Uniformed) Level 2 providing you have completed all the required units and receive a good tutor reference.

Your Study Programme

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Career Options

Army Officer

As an army officer you’re in charge of a team of soldiers. You’ll be using your skills to direct them and get the job done. If you want a challenging job and have leadership potential, there could a career for you in the army.

On combat operations you’ll be using your leadership and motivational skills to guide your soldiers and complete missions. You’ll also need to have great teamworking skills and be able to make quick decisions about what action your soldiers should take.

To become an army officer, you must be aged between 18 and 26 (some exceptions apply). You will also need to meet the army’s eligibility criteria. Many officers have a degree and your personal qualities will be highly valued.?

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Army Soldier

As a British Army soldier you could be fighting in combat zones or providing peacekeeping and humanitarian services around the world. If you are looking for a challenging and active job, this could be ideal for you.

You will need to have self-discipline and confidence. You will also need to work as part of a team and be able to think and react quickly in changing situations.

To join the army, you must be aged between 16 and 33. You will need to meet the army’s eligibility criteria.??

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Police Officer

Police officers work with communities and the public to maintain law and order. They investigate crime, gather evidence and bring offenders to court. They also work on initiatives to raise awareness and prevent crime from happening in the first place.

If you want a varied and challenging job and like the idea of helping to make communities safer, this could be the ideal career for you.

Police officer recruitment is handled by individual police services, and their requirements can vary. In general you will need to have lived in the UK for three years, be over 18 and pass enhanced background and security checks.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Police Community Support Officer

If you want to work in the local community and help to help keep law and order, this job could be perfect for you.

As a police community support officer (PCSO) you would work alongside the police, patrolling the local area, dealing with minor incidents and offences. You would provide assistance to the police and a visible presence in the area to reassure the public.

In this job you would need a calm but assertive approach, good communication skills and be able to deal with people in difficult situations. You would also need to be physically fit.

Local police services set their own entry requirements so you need to check with them for exact details. You would need the right to live and work in the UK without restrictions, and you would also need to pass background security checks. 

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If you're passionate about public safety and want to help save lives, this job could be ideal for you. Firefighters protect and save people and property from fire and other dangers. They provide emergency support. They also provide education and advice on fire prevention.

You must be at least 18 years old to become a firefighter. You will need a good standard of education and a reasonable level of physical fitness.

A firefighter has the ability to react quickly and remain calm in dangerous situations.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Royal Marines Commando

Royal Marines are part of the Royal Navy. They take part in frontline combat, on land and at sea and are sent at short notice to deal with emergency situations like military operations or natural disasters. If you are physically fit, resourceful and have self-discipline, this job could be for you.

You’ll need to be resilient and determined and able to follow orders. Quick thinking and the ability to react quickly will help you to cope well under pressure.

To become a marine, you must be aged between 16 and 32. You will also need to meet the navy’s eligibility criteria.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Merchant Navy Deck Officer

Merchant navy deck officers have responsibility for navigation, communications, crew and cargo onboard their ship. They also take care of passengers, oversee ship safety and carry out watch duties.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Housing Officer

Housing officers supervise the day-to-day maintenance and management of rented properties that belong to local authorities or housing associations.

If you are an organised person and can communicate well with a wide variety of different people, this job might suit you.

In this job you will need to be good at analysing and solving problems. You will also need to be good at negotiating and dealing with difficult situations.

There aren't any set requirements to get into this job, although a lot of people working in housing have qualifications at A level standard or higher. You may be able to get into this job through an Apprenticeship, or by starting as a housing assistant and working your way up.

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Prison Officer

If you can create good working relationships with all kinds of different people, and have a firm but fair approach, this job might suit you.

As a prison officer, you would supervise inmates in prisons, remand centres and young offenders' institutions.

In this job you will need patience and a commitment to helping people. You will need to be able to stay calm in pressurised situations and make quick decisions. You will also need to have the ability to act with authority with prisoners who are abusive and possibly violent.

To become a prison officer, you will need to get through initial selection tests, then attend an assessment day, designed to examine your personal qualities and character.  

Job Opportunites in Lancashire

Scenes Of Crime Officer

If you want to help solve crimes and you enjoy using your observation skills, this could be ideal for you. Scenes of crime officers (SOCOs) locate, record and recover evidence from crime scenes. They are also known as crime scene examiners and crime scene investigators (CSIs).

SOCOs work alongside uniformed and plain clothed police officers during the investigation of a crime. They may work directly for a police service or with a security services company that works with the police.

Entry requirements vary between police forces, although you're likely to need at least five GCSEs or the equivalent, preferably including English, maths and a science subject.

To do this job you will need excellent attention to detail. You’ll also need to record and report information. Sometimes you’ll need to remain calm in unpleasant and distressing situations.

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All of our Public Service courses are based in the £18.3 million Beacon Centre. Our students benefit from state of the art facilities such as practical rooms for looking at forensic scenes, major incidents and planning for expeditions. We also have three dedicated IT suites and interactive whiteboards in each classroom. Studying in the Beacon Centre, you will benefit from free wireless access throughout the building and a library and resource centre providing in excess of 60 computers and 45,000 books.

Enrichment & Employability

Students studying Public Services often gain first aid qualifications alongside their course, and many take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Schemes. We have strong links with the armed forces so there are many outdoor activities and army residentials throughout the course. Additionally, students often take part in voluntary opportunities, ‘major incident days’ hosted by the Road Safety Agency and fundraising activities.