Remote Education Offer

So that you (and parents of students aged 19+ and below) know what to expect in the event of further national lockdowns, or if you are required to stay at home and self-isolate, the Government has asked all education providers to provide a statement about the College’s Remote Education Offer.

What Remote Education is available?

The following applies during a national lockdown period…

Delivery Arrangements 1

For 16 to 18-year-old classroom learners:

During a period of remote learning you should continue to follow your existing timetable, that includes your maths and English sessions and your tutorials.

Blackburn College is using Microsoft Teams for the majority of the College’s online delivery. However, you will also access materials through Moodle, the College’s Virtual Learning Environment.

You should aim to join all of your sessions online at the scheduled time and the tutor will guide you as to the work that is required in that session.

Some lessons will be live and some lessons will require you to complete work during the session. In all cases your tutor will explain what is required of you in that particular session.

If you are completing, or due to take, a work placement during this time, your Work Placement Coordinator will advise you of the arrangements. For most, this will mean that your placement is paused. We will continue to offer virtual placement modules and you should complete these as instructed by your tutor/Work Placement Coordinator.

For Apprentices:

For Apprentices, remote online sessions will take place and will be confirmed by your Assessor. As each Apprentice’s work setting and role is different, we advise that you keep in touch regularly with your Assessor so that we can keep up to date with your work situation. Apprentices should continue to regularly access OneFile for latest course information and reviews.

For those students aged 19+ and studying at Blackburn University Centre:

If you are aged 19+ you should continue to follow your timetabled sessions. We realise, however, that as an adult you are likely to have competing priorities such as work and/or looking after others.

If you are unable to take part in a timetabled session you should let your tutor know and should make sure you access Moodle to complete any work set and continue to access course materials.

Many of our tutors are able to record ‘live’ sessions so that you can revisit these at a time that is suitable for you.

It is, however, critical that you continue with your learning and you should discuss your individual situation with your tutor so that we can continue to support you.

Delivery Arrangements 2

The following applies if you are required to self-isolate:

If you are required to self-isolate but your class remains on site, you will find that your class will not be delivered both online and face-to-face.

You will, however, still have access to the course materials through Moodle or your Virtual Learning Environment and you should continue to work remotely on any work and assignments set.

You should continue to check your College email address on a daily basis and should keep in touch with your tutor.

If you are on work placement, this will be paused until we confirm with you and the placement employer that you are able to return.

Delivery Arrangements 3

The following applies if your entire class/bubble is required to self-isolate:

If your entire class or ‘bubble’ is required to self-isolate then your learning will be transferred online during the period of isolation.

You should aim to join your timetabled sessions remotely as per the instructions in Delivery Arrangements 1. You may, however, find that in this instance some elements of your standard timetable (e.g. your maths and English classes or your tutorials) are delivered following a slightly different model. This is purely due to the complexities of timetabling and we will communicate any ‘group-specific’ plans with your group/bubble should this apply to you.

If you are on work placement, this will be paused until we confirm with you and the placement employer that you are able to return.

Important Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information for our Current and Prospective Students, Applicants and Offer Holders Across Higher Education

The wellbeing and health and safety of our students and staff is paramount. We are committed to delivering all of our programmes and services as safely as possible. However, due to the pandemic, the methods and activities adopted for the coming year may differ from those previously published and may be subject to further change through the course of your study if such change is necessary due to public health concerns, health and safety guidance or in response to Government Guidelines. Blackburn University Centre remains committed to providing you with a fantastic student experience and a wealth of support.

Our aim is to continue with business as usual in 2021-22 and we expect to be able to continue in-person teaching at that time, whilst embracing some of the excellent digital and blended practice that has enhanced delivery in 2020-21. However, as the Coronavirus pandemic has required some changes to our modes of delivery, in the interests of your wellbeing and health and safety, we reserve the right to implement those changes if it were required, but we will always endeavour to maintain high levels of delivery that provide an excellent student experience.

This communication will be updated regularly as more information is known and we will write to offer holders directly with any important updates.

Assessment Information

The College works with a large number of awarding bodies and each awarding body has different rules as to how courses will be assessed in the event that changes have to be made to your course’s published assessment criteria.

Your tutors will help guide you as to what assessments are needed. Some awarding bodies are still confirming what their assessment arrangements will be - the best advice is that you should continue to attend your sessions online and submit any work that your tutor sets you.

Until you know otherwise, you should presume that your course will be assessed in the normal way and should keep submitting work and assignments.

As and when information becomes available from each awarding body and for each course we offer, our teaching teams will keep you up to date.

Our Expectations

As a Blackburn College student, we expect you to check your College email regularly (at least on a daily basis) and we expect you to logon to your studies online and participate fully in the sessions that we are running.

You should also regularly check your course pages on Moodle and make sure that you are submitting any work and activities that your tutor requires.

It is our expectation that if you are studying maths and English as well as your Vocational/Technical or Apprenticeship course, you continue to attend these sessions online as well as any tutorial or personal development sessions that you have timetabled.

We expect that you follow the College’s Code of Conduct during your online lessons just as you would do if the lesson were conducted face-to-face. The normal College policies surrounding behaviour, for example, still apply during the period of online at home learning. Should you have any queries about this, please speak to your Personal Tutor.

Arrangements for students who require specialist equipment

Blackburn College has already tried to schedule your learning so that if you require access to specific specialist equipment or need to learn practical skills these have been prioritised during times that the College has been open for face-to-face classes.

If you require access to specific equipment you should in the first instance speak to your Personal Tutor - we have already made arrangements for students to access specific equipment (for example art supplies) so that you can continue with your learning remotely.

Where you still need to learn practical skills in order to complete your programme, we will continue to prioritise these when you return on site. The same applies should you have to self-isolate.

IT equipment, connectivity and work environments

The College has a limited amount of IT equipment that is available to loan to you.

If you need access to IT equipment, you should contact your Personal Tutor in the first instance and discuss what you need.

We have some equipment that is available for you to use and will advise on the best way of accessing this equipment for you.

Please do be flexible and open-minded as to the type of device that is available to you. We may not be able to provide all students with a laptop and some students may end up with a tablet, for example.

It will be your responsibility to look after any equipment that is loaned to you and you will be required to return this equipment. Equipment will be given out on a first come first served basis.

If connectivity is an issue you should let your Personal Tutor know the nature of the problem so that we can advise you accordingly. In certain circumstances we have been able to provide dongles so that students are able to access the Internet, however, all of these cases will be treated on an individual basis.

If you feel that your homework environment is unsuitable, then please contact your Personal Tutor in the first instance. The College remains open for the children of Keyworkers and for vulnerable learners of those

with an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). To this end we may be able to make some specific arrangements for you, but these will very much be treated on an individual basis.

Support for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

If you are currently being supported by a member of our Additional Learning Support team, this support will still continue during your period of remote and home learning.

You should still continue to attend your timetable sessions but will find that your allocated support worker is also in attendance in that online session with you.

Your support worker will continue to support you remotely just as they would do in your sessions held on site at Blackburn College.