Enrolment 2019

No matter what course you have applied to, if you’ve received an offer to study with at Blackburn College, watch out for a letter inviting you to enrol.

College Enrolment

Whether you made the grade, did better than expected or didn’t quite achieve what you were hoping for; you can enrol at Blackburn College and make your place with us official.

There's no need to make an application for September 2019 entry - simply enrol on any of the following dates.

Adults aged 19+ and 17/18 year old enrolments

If you have already got your GCSE Results or are aged 19+ you will be able to enrol on one of our dedicated early enrolment slots.

The dates for your enrolment are:

  • Wednesday 21st August 2019 (12pm-6pm)

School Leaver Enrolment

For those collecting GCSE Results on Thursday 22nd August 2019, the dates for your enrolment are:

  • Thursday 22nd August 2019 (10am–6pm)
  • Friday 23rd August 2019 (9am–4pm)
  • Tuesday 27th August 2019 (9am–4pm)

Please come to Blackburn Sports and Leisure Centre on these days to complete your enrolment - view our campus map.

Please note: You can still enrol after these dates but you will need to come to the Beacon Centre to complete your enrolment.

If you wish to study with us this academic year, make an online application at your earliest opportunity - view our courses and apply.

University Centre Enrolment

If you have been offered a place, we will write to your home address to confirm the exact date and time of your enrolment slot. If you’ve changed address and haven’t informed us, call 01254 29 29 29 to let us know.

The dates for enrolment are:

  • Thursday 5th September 2019 (9.30am-5.30pm)
  • Friday 6th September 2019 (9.30am–5pm)
  • Monday 9th September 2019 (9.30am–7pm)
  • Tuesday 10th September 2019 (9.30am–9pm)

Your Enrolment will take place at the University Centre at Blackburn College. You will need to bring with your proof of qualifications you have already achieved.

Not yet applied?

We encourage anyone who wants to study with us this academic year to make an online application at your earliest opportunity. We are still accepting applications for 2019 on all programmes. Please visit the clearing section of our website to help you apply.


Already applied and want to know more about starting at Blackburn College? Check out the welcome pages on our website.

Want to enrol at Blackburn College but not yet applied?

It's not too late. Search our courses and apply today.

Get in touch

For more information about making an application to study at our University Centre and how to apply, please contact us by phone 01254 292929 or email admissions@blackburn.ac.uk for help and advice.


How to find us

Situated close to Blackburn town centre, we're easily accessible by public transport and car - find our campus.