Health & Medical Care

One of the first things you should do when you arrive in Britain is register with your local doctor (or GP as they are called in the UK). A GP is a General Practitioner who is able to help with illnesses that are not immediately life-threatening or you need medication and advice for a specific problem or complaint.

Hospitals are used in an emergency or if you require an operation or course of treatment that cannot be solved with medication on its own. There is an extremely large hospital five minutes drive away from College.

Further information about registering for doctors is available at Further Health Information

All International Students travelling to the UK should have appropriate medical insurance to ensure that you are always able to access treatment, which might otherwise be extremely expensive and also for emergencies; such as if you fall ill and need to pay for a relative to visit you, or for you to return home for treatment for example.

Endsleigh is a specialist insurer for students. You may wish to visit their site for further information.

Endsleigh Insurance

Other insurance companies are available and you are advised to shop around for the most appropriate policy for you.