Your Safety

It is always important to be safe, especially when you are new to a town. There are numerous websites that recommend tips for international students in order to keep safe. Here are our top five tips:

  • Avoid dimly lit areas – especially at night. Try not to walk around when it is dark on your own. It is always better to walk places in pairs if you are unsure of your surroundings
  • Do not use expensive items such as mobile phones and iPods in public
  • Keep your wallet/purse close to you and avoid carrying large amounts of money around in your wallet. Men should avoid keeping their wallets in the back pockets of their trousers
  • When you go out of the house make sure you lock all the doors and shut all the windows behind you
  • If you receive an unexpected visitor who you don’t know – such as someone to read the gas meter, do not let them into your house without asking to see their identification.

There are lots more tips about staying safe on the Lancashire Constabulary website. Please visit for more information and official guidance about how to stay safe when studying at Blackburn College.