Dr Peter Shukie

My academic role includes the design and delivery of modules in Education Studies around the use of technology in teaching and learning.  I led on the design of a series of modules listed in the JISC Exemplar Case Studies for Higher Education with a focus on TEL and student engagement.  My research interests include Deleuzo-Guattarian approaches to education, Popular Education, Critical Theory, technology and community engagement, Action Research and online/ blended learning.  Developing student focused activities and experiential approaches to academic work inform my pedagogy with a particular focus on emergent learning theories.  I teach research modules and supervise dissertations at Level 5 and 6 on the Education Studies programme and on the Coaching & Mentoring degree at UCBC.

My current research includes the development of the Community Open Online Courses (COOCs) platform that explores the ways web based technologies can shape new approaches to learning in, and beyond, institutions.

I have previous experience in management and lectureships in Adult Literacy and Teacher Training. 


Contact Details

Tel: 01254 292509

Email: shukie@blackburn.ac.uk

@shukieone (Twitter)

  • PhD Technology Enhanced Learning, Lancaster University (Ongoing)
  • MA Adult Literacy, Numeracy and ESOL, Lancaster University (2010)
  • BA (hons) Cultural Studies, University of Sheffield (2000)
  • Diploma Of Higher Education, Cultural Studies, North East London Polytechnic (1989)


  • PGCE (post compulsory), University of Central Lancashire (2002)
  • Level 4 Teaching Literacy Educators Award, University of Central Lancashire (2005)
  • Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, UCLAN (1997)


  • NVQ Level 3  Information Technology
  • Indian Head Massage Practitioner, Level 3 Award, Blackburn College
Recent Research Projects
  • Action Research in to the use of open and online technology in the creation of a community-based learning and teaching platform (PhD thesis, ongoing).
  • Community Based learning Project, LSIS funded (£25000; December 2011 – July 2012).
  • NIACE Funding for digital approaches to Skills for Life Teaching (£5000, March 2008 – September, 2008)
  • HEFCE Catalyst Fund, Project Lead. Interactive Essays: A Research Project into the development of digital creativity and networking within academic assignment writing. December 2016 - April 2017.
Public Engagement
  • Fellow of RSA
  • Reviewer for Research in Learning Technology: The journal for the Association of Learning Technologists (ATL) February 2013 – ongoing 
  • Reviewer – International Journal of Critical Pedagogy July 2014 – ongoing (link)
  • Reviewer – International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning July 2014 - ongoing (link)
  • JISC Award for Innovation winner, 2011
  • 2016 Inclusion in JISC Top 50 Most Influential Educators in Further Education (link)
Teaching and Professional Activities

Current Modules:

Level 5: Practical Research in Action (Education Studies);  Educational Practice in a Digital Age (Education Studies); 

Level 6: Dissertation (Education Studies); Dissertation (Coaching & Mentoring); TEL Project (Level 6); Research Supervision.

Recent Publications & Other Research Outputs

Shukie, P. (2012) ‘The University of the Forest’. Edge Hill University Solstice Conference presentation June 2012 (link) (abstract)

Shukie, P. (June, 2012) Literacy in Online Space.  JISC Summer Conference, Presentation (link).

Shukie, P.  (2012) A Phenomenographic research project looking at HE Lecturers’ views on the plagiarism detection system Turnitin’. Fifth International Plagiarism Conference, Newcastle. Paper Submission, July 2012) (link)

Shukie, P. (2012). Digital Pioneers: using constructive alignment principles to create student-led technology enhanced learning

Shukie, P. (2012) ‘Exploding Feathers and Virtual Reality: Are Literacy Researchers Looking in the Wrong Places, the Wrong Worlds? RAPAL Journal Article, Winter 2012 (link) 

Shukie, P. (2012). 'They've got loads of computers!' An Ethnographic Study on the ways in which U.K. based students approached a collaborative ICT project visit to a South African township educational facility. (link)

Shukie, P. (2013). Pop, Folk and Punk – how technology defines approaches to teaching, learning and life’. Keynote at JISC Yorkshire/ Humber event March 2013 (link)

Shukie, P. (2013). COOCs and how informal learning can use the web to deinstitutionalise knowledge’. JISC Summer Conference, St Helens, presentation, June 2013 (link)

Shukie, P. (2013). COOCs: using popular education principles in designing a learning platform for the community. Edge Hill University Solstice Conference presentation June 2013 (link)

Shukie, P. (2013). Exploring How Community Open Online Learning Courses (COOCs) can empower learners to become teachers. RAPAL Conference, London, October 2013, presentation. (link)  

Shukie, P. (2013).  This house proposes that Adult Education must embrace the MOOC culture. (Presenter/ Debater), NIACE Annual Digital Conference, November 2013, Senate House, London (link)

Shukie, P. (2014). A study of popular education approaches to learning in open and online courses’. OER14 Open Education Conference, Newcastle University, April 2014. (link).

Shukie, P. (2014). Creating a Community Open Online Courses (COOCs) model to explore the implications for Popular Education approaches in online space. Lancaster University Department of Educational Research Seminar Series, May 7th 2014 (Link)

Shukie, P. (2015).  ‘I’ll let you be in my Dream if I can be in Yours’ FE News, December 2015 (link).

Shukie, P. (2016). Applying Deleuzo-Guattarian & Popular Education pedagogies in Informal Online Space. LRDG Literacy Research & Development Group seminar – Lancaster University (February 9th 2016)

Shukie, P. (2016). Community Open Online Courses: An Action Research project exploring the experiences of learning and teaching in non-institutional online space. Conference: 2nd International Research Conference ARPCE, At Harris Manchester College, Oxford University (July, 2016); paper accessed at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/313065718_Paper_121_-Community_Open_Online_Courses_An_Action_Research_project_exploring_the_experiences_of_learning_and_teaching_in_non-institutional_online_space

Shukie, P. (2017). 'Let Freedom Reign: A Case Study Exploring the Extent to Which HE Students Choose 'New' Forms of Pedagogy and Technology in a Student-Led Project. Journal of Perspective in Applied Academic Practice. vol.5, No.1. doi: 10.1429

Shukie, P. (2017). COOCs Supporting Communities for Social Learning. Creative Academic Magazine. Issue 7, Feb 2017.  Available from http://www.creativeacademic.uk/uploads/1/3/5/4/13542890/cam_7b_february.pdf

Shukie, P. (2017). Learning Without Institutions.  Conference Paper and Presentation, SOLSTICE & CLT Conference, Edge Hill University.  June 5th 2017.  Available from https://www.edgehill.ac.uk/solstice/files/2017/01/Learning-without-Institutions-Peter-Shukie.pdf

Shukie, P. (2017). Courage and Risk: The real learning for the researcher. Higher Education Ashton Review.  Available from https://issuu.com/jfletchersaxon/docs/hear_magazine_2017_online_layout_pd.

Shukie, P., Neil, J., Holden, D., Daji, A., & McErlean, K. (2017). Interactive Essays: using multimedia and digital networks in summative assignments. JISC Change Agents Network Conference at Exeter University. Exeter: Exeter University. Available at https://can.jiscinvolve.org/wp/files/2017/04/Blackburn-presentation-CAN.pdf

Shukie, P. (2017). Seeking Emancipation in a World of Online Emancipators. In M. Daley, K. Orr, & J. Petrie, The Principal: Power and Professionalism in Further Education. London: Trentham Books.

Shukie, P. (2017). Community Open Online Courses: What happens when you apply Popular education principles to online learning spaces.  Freire Institute Conference, Education and Transformative Practice, UCLAN Campus, Larnaca, Cyprus, September 5th 2017. (link)

Shukie, P. (November 2017).  A poetic, rhythmic approach to a textual representation of emancipatory learning in online spaces. Power and Professionalism in FE Conference, ARPCE, University of Huddersfield (Saturday 25th November, 2017).

Shukie, P. (2017).  Action Research – The art of becoming educator through finding yourself.  The Power of Research, Participation and Publication Conference, University Centre Blackburn College (Thursday 30th November, 2017).

Shukie, P. (2018). A participatory action research investigation into an open, online Community Project exploring how teaching and learning occur in a non-institutional, non-specialist, technology enhanced learning environment. (PhD thesis). Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University. Available online also at: https://eprints.lancs.ac.uk/ id/eprint/125042/1/2018shukiephd.pdf

Shukie, P. (2018).  Book Review: Automating Inequality:  How high-tech tools profile, police and punish the poor by Virginia Eubanks. PRISM Journal ISSN 2514-5347 Vol. 2 (1): pp. 149-153.  

Shukie P (2019) COOCS, Campfires and Gonzo Pedagogy: An exploration of the learning landscape when we go barefoot beyond the walls of the institution. Edge Hill University Faculty of Education, Seminar Series.  20th May 2019.   

Mycroft, L. Sidebottom, K. & Shukie, P. (2019).  Anger is an Energy: Using punk pedagogies to turn fury into an ethics of affirmation. Punk Scholars Network, Lincoln, July 5th 2019.

Shukie, P. (2019). Connectivism, Chaos and Chaoids: How Practitioners Might Find Inspiration from Chaos to Find New Spaces for Teaching and Learning. Prism Journal, Vol 2 (2), pp. 39-61. ISSN 2514-5347.

Shukie, P, Khan, A. & Cockcroft, F. (2019). Outsiders: The Philosophy of Imagining Newness in our Practice by Looking Elsewhere. Developing Externality Conference, University Centre Blackburn College.

Shukie, P, Mycroft, L. & Sidebottom, K. (2019). Posthuman Walking: A South-East London Dérive. Thinking on the Move: The Possibilities and Problems of Walking Sociologically Conference, The Sociological Review, Goldsmiths University, London. 

Shukie, P. (2019). Teaching on Mars: Some Lessons Learned from an Earth-Bound Study into Community Open Online Courses (COOCs) as a Future Education Model Rooted in Social JusticeSustainability, 201911, 6893. DOI:  https://doi.org/10.3390/su11246893

Shukie, P. (19 May 2020).  Building Windmills next to Power Stations: using digital technology to create bridges of learning between institutions and communities. Association of Colleges (AoC) HE Research and Scholarship Conference. 

Shukie, P. (2020). Red plagues, dust storms and death to utopia, Chapter in, Orr, K., Petrie, J & Daley, M. (2020) Caliban’s Dance: FE after The Tempest. London: Trentham Books

Teaching Programmes

Educations Studies BA (Hons)

Coaching & Mentoring BA (Hons)