Mary Lee Slade - BA (Hons) English Language and Literary Studies

  • Studied: BA (Hons) English Language and Literary Studies

"I often find myself waxing lyrical about my course and one of the main reasons for this is that I was able to gain a Lancaster University-standard English degree at an establishment that’s pretty much right on my doorstep! 

"The way the course is organised is brilliant in that it is designed to build your knowledge gradually without over-facing you. The first year begins with introductory modules, which help you understand the basics before you progress on to more specific areas of the subject. Almost all of the modules overlap slightly with one another, so it’s surprising how quickly you accumulate knowledge. 

"It’s hard to pick a favourite module as I loved so many of them, but if I was pushed I would probably choose the poetry-focused ones on the Literature side of the course and Communication Studies and Language and Power on the Language side. If it’s clear you have an aptitude for a particular module, the lecturers encourage you to explore it and in the third year you’re able to select a dissertation topic and modules that are suited to your areas of interest. 

"One of the best aspects of studying at the University Centre at Blackburn College is that classes are much smaller in comparison to bigger universities. Lecturers are able to get to know students individually and are therefore more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. It also means that there is a real sense of camaraderie amongst your course mates, which helps you get through deadlines and modules that you find difficult. 

"The fact that the University Centre is small also means that individual students can make a big impact. During my three year course, I was able to act as a student representative at course consultancy meetings, present at an international conference, organise poetry slam events, raise money for several charities and have my writing displayed in a local exhibition. I received great support from lecturers and University Centre staff throughout these ventures. 

"I am now studying an MA in Creative Writing and English Literary Studies at Lancaster University which will allow me to further my interest in Romantic literature whilst also writing my own poetry. The portfolio of work that I produce on my MA will hopefully lead to some of my poetry being published, but I am also keen to investigate career prospects in creative writing therapy. I may also consider the possibility of studying for a PhD in Creative Writing, but it’s a case of one step at a time! 

"I would definitely recommend the University Centre at Blackburn College to others. I think there’s a common misconception that studying at a college-based university is an easy option academically, but based on my experience of the English degree, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You receive the same exceptional standard of teaching as students at Lancaster University, but with the added bonus of smaller class sizes and one-to-one attention. The lecturers encourage you to fulfill your potential and listen and react to student feedback. 

"If you’re interested in gaining a great degree, accredited by a well-respected university and delivered by highly revered educators then the University Centre at Blackburn College is for you."

""I was able to gain a Lancaster University-standard English degree at an establishment that’s pretty much right on my doorstep! ""