Paul Roberts - BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching and Performance

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. There was the right proportion of practical work to keep it 'hands-on' as it should be while offering a solid theoretical basis to upgrade the knowledge I already had.

"My favourite part of the course was to be able to use the Sports Lab and the technology software available to analyse conditioning & performance. I also enjoyed the practical assignments and lessons delivered by colleagues, along with the opportunity to gain coaching badges in other sports such as Handball and Dodgeball.

"I enjoyed the atmosphere on the campus and the ability to work in partnership with colleagues and lecturers. I received an awful lot of practical support as I was diagnosed with severe Dyslexia when I enrolled for the course. Being provided with adapted equipment to complete my assignments helped a lot and I am very grateful for all the support and encouragement received.  Staff go the extra mile to support students and personalise the learning.

"Upon completion of my degree I successfully applied to become the Head Coach for Saudi Arabia's National Archery Team and have also been appointed as a Development Coach by Archery Great Britain to support Level 1 and Level 2 coaches to raise the level of technical and scientific knowledge in the sport.

"It is a local institution in the heart of our community where staff work really hard to offer a good experience to students. The workplace is more and more competitive and I would not have been successful in my job application without the qualification I gained. Despite being 50 years old and being diagnosed with Dyslexia, I took on the challenge and came out in the end more experienced and knowledgeable.  I am now really glad I did as I move on to a new exciting chapter in my professional career. A big thank you to each member of staff that supported me and cheered me on from sidelines when completing assignments and exams! It was challenging but worth the effort!

"The campus is based in the heart of the community where staff really work hard to offer a good experience"