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Blackburn College Launches Careers Widget

undefinedBlackburn College has launched a brand new careers widget, designed to inform prospective and current students of the career opportunities available within Lancashire.

Developed internally at Blackburn College, the careers widget works in real time by collating information from leading jobs board provider Indeed, the National Careers Service and the College to showcase all the potential careers currently available in the local area.

The careers widget is the first of its kind for a Further Education provider in Pennine Lancashire and will not only support aspiring professionals, but careers advisers providing IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance) to students and pupils in local schools and colleges. Michael Rigby, Head of Student and Administrative Services said:

“As a Matrix-accredited provider, we are acclaimed for the quality of our Information Advice and Guidance (IAG). The careers widget enables Blackburn College to remain at the forefront of delivering class-leading services which empower students to make informed decisions about courses and their careers.”

Integrated seamlessly into the College’s website, the careers widget supports aspiring professionals to easily identify career options within the Lancashire area in relation to a course, while offering information on pay scales and working hours.

18 Dec 2018, 09:23 AM