Husband and wife graduate together!

Husband and wife graduate together at the University Centre at Blackburn College

A married couple have both graduated together on the same day at the University Centre at Blackburn College.

Peter Graham, 54, and his wife Hayley, 50, both graduated after returning to education to transform their careers.

Peter, a former British Telecom Broadband specialist was first inspired to pursue a change in career when attending the Graduation of his wife Hayley when she completed her BA (Hons) Social Science degree. 

Peter said “Watching Hayley graduate was such a profound moment for me and it provided me with the motivation to make a change to the direction of my own career.” 

Hayley, a former dinner lady at a local Blackburn primary school returned to education after deciding she wanted to become a teacher and that it wasn’t too late to come back to study. 

Hayley said” I am really glad I came back to education because not only has it transformed my own career path it has inspired my husband to pursue something he is truly passionate about.”

Since starting his programme, Peter has been involved in a number of landmark projects including the preservation and curation of the Talbot Archive and has represented Blackburn College in the national media. 

Hayley has now commenced studying for a Masters in Law at the University Centre at Blackburn College with the ultimate goal of becoming a teacher.

Just under 1,000 students from Blackburn College celebrated the culmination of their degree programmes at Graduation Ceremonies held at King George’s Hall on Thursday 11th October 2018.

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31 Oct 2018, 00:00 AM